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Added an MC001 box and Live TV is acting strange - smiley2billion - 2013-04-07

I can't quite put my finger on what's causing this exactly and I'll try to explain as best that I can about what I'm seeing (it's kinda weird).

History: I've been using XBMC + MediaPortal for a while now (more than 6 months) on my 'main' TV with a PC (Windows 8 Pro, Intel K2500, Nvidia 460, 8GB RAM) connected via HDMI. I've kept up with the latest versions of XBMC and Mediaportal along the way and I'm currently running XBMC 12.1 and Mediaportal 1.3.0 final. Since this set up worked so well I decided to buy a small HTPC box (Arctic MC001 with a 32GB SSD and 4GB of RAM running Windows 8 Pro) for my bedroom. I've connected this to my home network with the gigabit port on the back after the wireless connection was just a bit too slow. I do have the two boxes talking with MySQL so that I can resume and keep up with what I've watched. The only strange part of this whole set up is that my mediaportal server is offsite and I use a VPN (Cisco AnyConnect) to connect to it. This has worked and continues to work perfectly on the main PC, even on high bitrate (8 to 14 mbps) streams.

The problem I'm seeing now is that on my bedroom box it will not start streaming a live channel until I go to a web browser and either refresh or load a new page. It took a while to figure this out since I assumed it just wasn't communicating with the mediaportal server for some reason. So I bought up the network monitoring tool on the task manager in Windows 8 and watched. It only starts to stream data in until after I've refreshed a page in Chrome (might work with other browsers, but I've only tested Chrome). So I thought I'd be clever and start a constant ping using the terminal to google.com and just leave that running so that I'd have something constantly 'talking' to the internet. Nope, that didn't work at all, still had to go and refresh a page. I'm sure I can find way to autorefresh a page every so often so that I don't have to alt-tab out of XBMC and go hit refresh but I was hoping someone here would know this issue and have a fix. Again, everything works perfectly fine on the main box and still does, this is only a problem on the new MC001.


Edit- Other things I should note, this doesn't happen on watching media on my network, only Live TV. I have also Uninstalled/Reinstalled everything a few times to try and sort any issue like that out. Also, XBMC will never time out when selecting a channel, it'll just spin away until I either force close XBMC or go and reload a webpage.

Edit2- I set up tvheadend to try and see if I can reproduce the problem with it, but I can't. Tvheadend seems to work very well on this box, but the big drawback is that tvheadend seems to be way more prone to pixelization due to bandwidth fluctuations but I'm going to run with a while and see how it does.

RE: Added an MC001 box and Live TV is acting strange - smiley2billion - 2013-04-12

Now I remember why I switched over to Media Portal from TVheadend. If there's any fluctuation with the internet connection (I'm streaming accross a VPN) tvheadend starts to break up and pixelate. I even tried to push the buffer out to 75% using advanced settings and it'll still do it.

Mediaportal seems to be much better suited at minimizing these type issues as I rarely see it do that on there.

Hopefully I can find a work around for my original issue with the MC001 box...

RE: Added an MC001 box and Live TV is acting strange - margro - 2013-04-15

Really stange. Never seen this before.

RE: Added an MC001 box and Live TV is acting strange - smiley2billion - 2013-04-26

Still trying a few things to sort this issue out, should the RTSP streaming work in the mediaportal plugin now? I remember it was disabled a while back, which is fine as I usually use FFmpeg so I haven't really kept up with it. I figured I'd try different methods of streaming to try and get around this issue but I'm getting the 'PVR client is compiled without LIVE555 RTSP support' in the logs and XBMC give me 'PVR Client has no RTSP support' error as well.

Weird thing though, looking at mediaportal with the WebMediaPortal plugin you can watch the stream come up under 'Status' and even open the url (rtsp:// in VLC and it plays just fine. I've never really tried RTSP much (or TSreader) as I figured the VPN access would give problems and FFmpeg worked well enough.

Edit.. Also just made a .strm text file with the address to the rtsp in it and played that after attempting to tune a channel and sure enough it plays. It seems to make one big continuous file because if I try to switch the channel and play the .strm file again it starts over at the same spot in the video from the first channel tuned. Seems that mediaportal gets the command to start streaming and keeps right on doing that until I close xbmc. I have got to have something goofed in my configuration!

RE: Added an MC001 box and Live TV is acting strange - margro - 2013-04-29

RTSP streaming works only in ffmpeg mode. I only disabled the TSReady RTSP mode in the official XBMC builds.

RE: Added an MC001 box and Live TV is acting strange - smiley2billion - 2013-04-29

Gotcha, thanks

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