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anime title renaming/translating - rektech - 2013-04-13

I just recently discovered XBMC and I have a pretty good sized anime collection and I've add all my moves and its recognized my anime but for some reason it renames them to a non English text. like for instants it changes Appleseed to Appurushido. I've tried everything I can think of and all I want it to do is read as the English name

can some one help?

RE: anime title renaming/translating - CutSickAss - 2013-04-13

This has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with translations. Nothing.
XBMC uses a scraper to gather information for your movies from themoviedb.org (unless you choose a different scraper/site). If you enter the title "Appleseed" in the search box on this site, you'll see that the original title of this movie is "Appurushido".

Go to System -> Addons -> Search "themoviedb" -> Configure -> Uncheck "Keep original title" -> Re-scrape.
I can't say for certain this will work for all cases. Another option would be to try a different scraper, perhaps one that is anime specific.