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iTBN video addon - Romans I XVI - 2013-04-18


iTBN.org is a archive of videos which have aired on any of TBN's television networks (TBN, JC-TV, The Church Channel, Smile of a Child, etc.) This addon also gives access to any of the live streams for these channels. Its available in the official repo but i figured i would have a thread in case anyone has any questions/comments or if there are any bugs.



1.2.0- All live streams now stream in HD, also removed the additional "Play Video" button.
1.2.1- Fixed a small problem with the navigation to next/previous pages, also added settings to change the quality of the live streams and disable/enable the thumbnail view.
1.2.4- Fixed the live streams after changes to TBN's website broke some of them. Also they added a the channel TCI, an italian channel, which i now added to XBMC too. Also i changed the way the titles of videos are layed out, so it is hopefully more readable and easier to find the video your looking for.
1.2.5- Live streams now using a .m3u8 stream that is much more consistent and better quality than the old rtmp streams. Big plus! Also changed the dialog prompt for search by air date. Easier to understand now.

If you like plex, I am currenty working on a plex channel for iTBN. Available here https://github.com/asojka09/iTBN.bundle

RE: iTBN video addon for XBMC Eden, PLEX & ROKU - VJxbmc - 2013-11-07

Hi Romans I XVI, Thank You for the SUPERB, EXCELLENT STUPENDOUS iTBN plugin for XBMC. This is beyond unbelievable how awesome it is.... however, most people that would use this plug in are totally unaware it exists. I sell computers for a living and repair and update them.... every single one that comes to me or I sell has XBMC Eden with and some with FRODO that has iTBN in the Favorites. All would have iTBN except I install Ubuntu 10.04 98% of the time which doesnt support XBMC Frodo which is the only one that runs iTBN.

Thank You again.

Now one of the reasons, I am messaging and am excited also, is because I wanted to know if there is a PLEX plugin for thisHuh if not...PLEASE make one! for MAC PC And LINUX and............... ROKU !!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

Man how awesome it would be for a Roku plugin...I am already using PLEX on Roku and it is wonderfull. a PLEX plugin would allow for ROKU use but it would be nice for an official Roku one.

And another request...... PLEASE make iTBN plugin available for XBMC 11 Eden...Please.....Why? because it will open up iTBN for Power PC machines that already have XBMC Eden that cant upgrade to XBMC Frodo, and because Ubuntu 11, and 12.04 and Unity totally suck, I always only install Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid LTS or Linux Mint 9 Isadora (ubuntu 10.04 based) on all the Computers I sell and fix...people Love it! it just works....and because you cannot install XBMC Frodo which has iTBN onto anything less than Ubuntu 12.04 or Ubuntu with Unity.

I read somewhere that XBMC Eden lacked a certain library or perhaps Ubuntu 10.04 lacked this library or software or whatever.....then please just embed whatever it is, right into the iTBN XBMC Eden plugin.

its totally doable if you think outside the box....or do some kind of workaround....certainly if Windows XP can run FRODO with iTBN then so can Ubuntu.

Thanks a Million!!!!

ahhhh Im just dreaming of this reality as I speak :-)

RE: iTBN video addon - Romans I XVI - 2013-11-09

First of all thank you for your very encouraging post VJxbmc. When i made this addon i just made it, submit it to the official repo, and let it be. I never knew if people were using and liking it or not. And because of your feedback and request i will definitally start working on a Eden addon also. I'm going to look in to PLEX, it looks like it uses python scripts also so hopefully most of the code i already have will apply and I just need to learn the specifics of PLEX. I agree a roku addon would be cool too but that might be further in the future, especially considering i don't even have a roku for testing.

Also to address some of other things in your post. I do computer repair also and I think its funny you are still using Ubuntu 10.04, because i agree that is probably the last release i really loved Ubuntu. I am not a fan of Unity, although i will admit it is better now than it was when it was first released, but i have grown to love Gnome 3. Also just fyi if you install gnome in the newer versions of Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get install gnome

You will get both Gnome 3 and Gnome 2 which is labeled gnome classic in the ldm menu.

Also if you for some other reason still want to stick with Ubuntu 10.04 then take a look at this ppa.

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties pkg-config
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nathan-renniewaldock/xbmc-stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

You now have XBMC Frodo on Ubuntu 10.04.

Again thanks for the feedback and encouragement and i will hopefully start working on getting XBMC Eden and PLEX addons working soon.

RE: iTBN video addon - VJxbmc - 2013-11-09

You are very welcome. Oh boy I can't wait! I even want to try these ubuntu tips you gave me, however.....wont typing "sudo app-get upgrade" upgrade my entire ubuntu 10.04 into the latest ubuntu 13.10? Ihave never typed that in the terminal for fear it will upgrade my ubuntu 10.04.

On a side note....I dont like the so called GNOME Classic because I cannot modify it and customize it like the real Gnome 2. I do like MATE though in Linux Mint 13, 14, and 15, which is a replacement for Gnome 2 and works just like it and looks exactly the same. My Ubuntu 10.04 actually looks like Unity because I put the Docky on the left side of the screen on purpose to make it look like Unity sort of to show off the way it should have been done. So my Ubuntu looks like it is Gnome 2 and Unity combined, but its just u untu 10.04.4..... Nice and fast!

By the way, Plex has a native app for ubuntu 10.04, both 32bit and 64 bit rig on their webpage.

RE: iTBN video addon - Romans I XVI - 2013-11-09

(2013-11-09, 03:46)VJxbmc Wrote: I even want to try these ubuntu tips you gave me, however.....wont typing "sudo app-get upgrade" upgrade my entire ubuntu 10.04 into the latest ubuntu 13.10? Ihave never typed that in the terminal for fear it will upgrade my ubuntu 10.04.

Nope all "sudo apt-get upgrade" does is update your currently installed packages just like through the update manager. The reason you would run it is after installing the ppa, your system will see that there is a update for xbmc, that being frodo is now available through the ppa.

Also just tried copying the iTBN folder over to a system running XBMC Eden and it worked just fine. So it should just take me a couple days to make sure all the specific requirements for Eden are met and to submit it to the official repo.

RE: iTBN video addon - Romans I XVI - 2013-11-11

So I submitted iTBN to the Eden repo and they responded telling me they are no longer accepting new addons for Eden. Sorry about that. But you can still easily install in Eden manually. Just download the zip file here.


And in XBMC go to System > Settings > Add-ons > Install from zip file. Then you can just find where you downloaded the file and there you go. iTBN XBMC add-on in Eden.

RE: iTBN video addon - VJxbmc - 2013-11-11

Works Great Man! Tried it on My PowerPC Powerbook OSX Tiger XBMC Eden and tried it in my Persistent Install USB Ubuntu 10.04 and it works great also!

I don't know how you did this so quickly :-) You should post this to the public so they know there is a Plugin for Eden owners including PowerPC XBMC users.

Now, I dont know what to call this.... A bug? But although iTBN works both n the Powerbook and ubuntu, whenever I start a video within iTBN, once the video starts a window pops up for every single video saying: Loading Directory.......Recieved 0 items with a CANCEL button and a buffering line... But it never buffers and never goes away unless I click the X on the top right.... It happenes for every video......I dont think this happens in FRODO.

Also, about that sudo upgrade info you gave me I tried it on 2 seperate Linux Mint 9 (ubuntu 10.04 based) installations and I think one Ubuntu 10.04 installation and it did not upgrade XBMC Eden to XBMC Frodo....I open XBMC and its still EDEN, weirdly though one installation downloaded 275 or so MB of stuff and the second or third downloaded like 65mb of stuff.... So it seemed to have downloaded and installed something but I rebooted and it was still XBMC Eden.

Anyhow, its probably not your job to make FRODO work on Ubuntu 10.04, but the iTBN is great!
If you put it in Plex now, that would be extra major plus :-), then one can stream iTBN even on a Roku

Im guessing it shouldnt be too hard...at least not starting from scratch since PLEX is based on XBMC?

By the way... What country are you in? Or are you in USA?

Oh forgot to ask...I tried changing or lowering the quality of the streaming of certain videos to LOW but it actually doesnt do anything.

RE: iTBN video addon - Eleazar Coding - 2013-11-11

Nice to see some good wholesome content coming to XBMC.

RE: iTBN video addon - VJxbmc - 2013-11-11

Yes indeed. :-) and the videos are more responsive and load quicker than most other plugins... Maybe because there are less people bogging down the servers.

RE: iTBN video addon - Romans I XVI - 2013-11-18

Just thought I would give you an update. I am almost done with the plex addon. It turned out to be easier than I expected, I was able to use most of my code. I will give you a link to try it now if you want. Everything is working but while doing this I realized TBN must have changed something with their live streams because Enlace Juvinil, Al-Horreya, TBN Africa, and TCI are not working right now in both the XBMC and Plex addon, so i will need to fix that for both. Also while doing this addon I noticed some code that could be more efficient and also found a better way to list the videos title than i was before. So there will be an update coming to the XBMC version soon also.

Here is a link to the github repository. https://github.com/asojka09/iTBN-Plex/archive/master.zip

To install on linux:

wget https://github.com/asojka09/iTBN-Plex/archive/master.zip
unzip master.zip
mv iTBN-Plex-master/ iTBN.bundle
sudo cp -R iTBN.bundle/ /var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application\ Support/Plex\ Media\ Server/Plug-ins/
Thanks again for encouraging me to look into making the addon available PLEX.

edit: You may need to go to your plex media manager settings and "disable compatibility checking" in the channels section.

RE: iTBN video addon - VJxbmc - 2013-11-18

This sounds pretty Amazing! I have not tested it yet though on Linux nor Mac...how do I install it on the mac as I do not see the iTBN.bundle when i unpack the zip file?

RE: iTBN video addon - Romans I XVI - 2013-11-18

You just need to rename the folder it unpacks. Then place it in the plugin directory.

RE: iTBN video addon - VJxbmc - 2013-11-19

Ok, So I installed it in Plex on both my Mac (Snow Leopard Server) and ubuntu Linux 10.04.4, and iTBN shows up, but when you try to play any videos, it does not do it.......Tried it on the Roku on Plex and it shows up, but again, when I try to play any content...it does not....actually it crashes PLEX on the Roku...I suspect its because Plex on my Snow Server wont play the file, so it crashes PLEX on the Roku end.

so non working so far...... WHen you first sent me the file...I was sleeping but heard an email....I woke up with excitement to try it hehe....but thats when the unzipped file appeared as a folder on my mac....then you told me to rename it and that did the trick.

Anyhow, hope you will figure out what it is.

RE: iTBN video addon - VJxbmc - 2013-11-24

@Romans I XVI

I don't know why I didn't notice this before but iTBN just started working or perhaps it always worked from PLEX to the PLEX on the iPad! Seems to work very well! yahoo!!!

I then retested it on the Roku but it still doesnt work, it just immediately closes the iTBN as soon as I try to open something within or right when I open it, it closes and goes back to the main Roku screen....Im beginning to suspect maybe I am missing a codec on the Mac Smow leopard server.... Perhaps maybe Perian which adds more codecs to quicktime.

When i select a video on iTBN within PLEX on Snow Leopard it says: Audio unknown and then when I click to play that file it says: This channel is currently unknown.

But its weird because it works on mi iPad...that same stream which I am streaming from PLEX on the Snow Leopard server which doesnt work on the server itself when I try to open it on PLEX on the server.

Having much fun on my iPad with it though currently :-)

UPDATE: Its probably not Perian....I always had it installed....I just didn't remeber....so I guess it's not the codecs

RE: iTBN video addon - Romans I XVI - 2013-11-26

Just thought I would post. I'm still working on getting the plex add-on up and running and also going to update the xbmc add-on so all of the live streams work properly again. Honestly haven't had any time to work on it lately. But those are the plans and I will get it done eventually.

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