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Chapter Selector Window - vidarak - 2013-04-24

I'd like to request the implementation of a chapter list/selector window.

XBMC already recognizes chapter information for all major media formats.

Use cases:
  • Browse and select songs in music videos & concert recordings. The window would probably work best if designed with a top-to-bottom list of songs, potentially with 2 columns. Without thumbs.
  • Browse and select chapters within a movie
  • Browse and select episodes of multi-episode disc/iso

For music listening DVD menus are not optimal because they stop the music.
Blu-Ray menus are not available on Linux.
MKV has no menus on its own.

There's already an implementation of such a chapter selector which doesn't seem to use the embedded chapter content in mediafiles:

I haven't been able to figure out how to test it but from the description I'm thinking that this might be a good start for implementation in XBMC trunk with some tweaks.
Things to sort out:
  • If no dedicated chapter file exists in the video folder, use embedded chapters of the video file
  • Make it possible to choose between thumbnail style and simple text list style. Default to text list style unless thumbnails are specified in chapter file

See also this thread http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=4469


RE: Chapter Selector Window - rd1979 - 2013-04-24

+1 Nod

RE: Chapter Selector Window - Elky - 2013-04-24

+2, I use chapterdb.org to tag chapters in my mkv files and miss a way to pull a list up and jump to a chapter.

RE: Chapter Selector Window - jpsdr - 2013-04-24

+1, with odered chapters also.

RE: Chapter Selector Window - vdubeau - 2013-04-28

+1, This would be awesome. WIth chapter images (if available) would be even better.

RE: Chapter Selector Window - mika91 - 2013-05-07


RE: Chapter Selector Window - Ned Scott - 2013-05-07

As mentioned in the other thread, I also think this would make for an excellent feature.

RE: Chapter Selector Window - mad-max - 2013-06-03

Pushin this FR with my +1 Big Grin

RE: Chapter Selector Window - Ghostdivision - 2013-06-04

I seen ned nicely put this in the other forum, has any developer shown any interest, its such a simple thing but would be incredible small feature for xbmc.

When you get a bluray retail its always nice you have scene selection or timeline with pictures to select individual chapters. Obviously i dont think pictures would work, but a simple timeline of the chapters to select would be great.

RE: Chapter Selector Window - vidarak - 2013-07-04

Bump. Hope a developer spot it and find it interesting enough soon :-)

RE: Chapter Selector Window - rd1979 - 2013-07-06

(2013-07-04, 17:01)vidarak Wrote: Bump. Hope a developer spot it and find it interesting enough soon :-)

Yes, its been some time since Ned mentioned this in the developer section.

RE: Chapter Selector Window - capfuturo - 2013-07-27

Hi XBMC Fellows,

Another 2 thumbs for this here!! This function is a must. Anybody doing anything about this so far?

I have plenty of TV Shows' episodes and movies (specially music concerts) that contain named chapters that are so hard to find without the name on display.



RE: Chapter Selector Window - vidarak - 2013-08-23

Another month.. another bump. Somehow I had expected this topic to get a bit more attention/popularity...

RE: Chapter Selector Window - Memphiz - 2013-08-23

To err is human ... *ducks*

RE: Chapter Selector Window - lukemb - 2013-09-16

Hey guys,

I'm not sure if this helps or not, but the other day I created a request in regards to building an Xbmc client for Media Browser Server:


We have this kind of chapter info in our api. They're great for not only starting from a specific scene, but also for scene selection menus during playback. Here's a couple screenshots of two different clients using chapters:

Media Browser Theater:


Web Client:


Most of our other clients are using them as well, e.g. Roku, Android, etc.

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