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RE: Advanced MCE Remote Mapper Tool - elbully - 2020-03-20

(2019-12-02, 12:15)Mutenroy74 Wrote: Hi,

I’ve been using this tool with my MCE remote for years and I had no problem with it. Anyone knows if it will work with this remote?


Hi. I have one just like it and it works perfectly, the only thing I can't get the "home" key to open is kodi and always open the browser.

RE: Advanced MCE Remote Mapper Tool - BartZorn - 2021-03-22

I have been using this tool with great success. I could do almost all configuration of my remote with it. A small correction with keymap.xml was needed.

However, 5 keys do not work.

I have the remote shown here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14BkQvBWCeeNc4oz91W2dDijgH4SRiN02/view?usp=sharing

The four buttons on the second row from the top, plus the one top right, do not work. They do not show up in the Advanced MCE Remote Mapper Tool, the showkey.exe tool does not see them.

I have installed Kodi 18.9 on a test system, installed the MCEremote add-on with the keymap editing tool, and that does not see the keys either.

The keys do send something, because the pilot light on the IR receiver lights up when I press them.

Can anybody give some guidance how to find out what these keys do so that I can use them?



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