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[Feature Request] Alternative TV Shows listing - Steverae - 2013-05-19

Hi Pecinko

Any chance this look could be intergrated into a later release of your quertz skin ?


This has been implemented in the SIO2 skin ver 2.2.0 and matches the ATV look and feel alot closer than having the individual episodes lists as is the current look.

I know you are working on a Quartz Originals theme which is supposed to match 4.4.4 more closely and hope that you can incorporate my changes into this or the original Quartz skin in a future release.

After all, it;s all about getting XBMC to look and feel as close the the original ATV interface as possible as i'm sure alot of people would also like

Your thoughts?

[Feature Request] Alternative TV Shows listing - pecinko - 2013-05-19

I had it but some users voted for episodes instead.

Origins is Quartz 3/4. It evolved from Quartz 1 and 2 which were different beasts. I don't plan major changes in it as many, many users are using it and got used to it's features and layouts. You're late to the party, sorry.

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