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front and backend on Pi?? - pootler - 2013-05-23

I have been running a light-hearted challenge on the openelec forum to see if ANYONE AT ALL can watch live tv on the Pi ( in my case dvb-t UK) for more than 1 hour without a/v sync issues.

This is with the following conditions:
1) front and backend on Pi
2) using TVH - or VDR - or anything elseSmile
3) any xbmc distro - openelec , raspbmc, xbian - you name it.

As of today 105 views, and NO replies!

Anybody had any success??


RE: front and backend on Pi?? - negge - 2013-05-26

Do you have the MPEG-2 decoding license?

RE: front and backend on Pi?? - pootler - 2013-05-26

hi negge,

my first reply!
Yes i have the licenseSmile
I get video
i get audio
But they ALWAYS drift


RE: front and backend on Pi?? - margi - 2013-05-26

I have the similar problem - a/v drift after small errors in stream. May be only after some time streaming... Source is linux server with cards and tvheadend or windows server with dvblink or mediaportal. Result is same - drifting. I tried rpi with all major xbmc releases and always the same.
On the other hand, i can use apple tv 2 and this is always without problems....ok, i have no HD Sad

RE: front and backend on Pi?? - stuCONNERS - 2013-05-27

the problem is omx player doesnt have p-frame as a reference if there is a glitch in the stream. unless its fixed in omx player, live tv wont work on pi, hence apple tv will work as it doesnt use omx player

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