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Movies and TV Shows - solid05 - 2013-06-17


The Welo truly is a great addition to the XBMC skin range.

I appear to have one issue, the 'Movies' and 'TV Shows' show the same folder. For example I have a separate folder for Movies and TV Shows, when I click on 'Movies' it shows all contents, however when I then click on 'TV Shows' it shows exactly the same as the 'Movies' page i.e. the last page I was viewing.

Could I amend an XML file, to direct the skin to only view my 'Movies' folder when selecting that option and to only view 'TV Shows' when selecting that option.

Any help is much appreciated.


RE: Movies and TV Shows - liquidskin76 - 2013-06-18

Hi solid05,

What version of XBMC are you running?

Welo 1.0.4 is only supported on XBMC 11.0 'Eden' (so is kinda obsolete now!). You will see some weirdness if running it on XBMC 12 or the nightlies.

Welo 2 will support XBMC 12 (or 13). It's a WIP, and is currently on hold due to my crazy life at the moment.


RE: Movies and TV Shows - solid05 - 2013-06-18

Hi liquidskin76,

Many thanks for your response.

I'm on XBMC 11, I would probably update some time in the forseeable future as I reverted back to version 11 due to issues with the newer XBMC.

The skin functions perfectly I've been using it for the past few days and really like the 'clean' look.

Could I edit a specific XML file to direct the skin to only view a certain directory?


RE: Movies and TV Shows - liquidskin76 - 2013-06-19

Are you viewing the movies and tv shows folders via the video section, or from the movies and tv show library's?

Also, how is it behaving in Confluence?


RE: Movies and TV Shows - solid05 - 2013-06-19


I'm viewing the Movies and TV Shows from the Movies and TV Show library.

On the confluence skin it views the Movies and TV Shows correctly.


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