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Set Manager Bug - cachirro - 2013-06-24

i'm trying to organize a collection of "nightmare on elm street", and it has two moveis with the same name, one from 1984 and one from 2010.

1) on the add movies, there's no way to know which is the one from 84 and the one from 2010
2) i added one, no problems, when i got to add the other one with the same name the program stops responding and i have to kill it
3) why can't i select the movies in the main window, and pressing right button and having a button "create set"?


RE: Set Manager Bug - cachirro - 2013-06-26

i use version 1.3.13, any news on this? i can't add this SET.

RE: Set Manager Bug - McButton - 2013-06-27

Thought I'd test it out too, but I can' t seem to figure out what it even does. I made a set, dropped movies in. Saved. Scanned. No clue.

Sorry :\

Did you try:
Settings/Movies/General - Media List Options - Display Year in List Title?

RE: Set Manager Bug - grumbler - 2013-06-27

The set manager writes the set info into the movie.nfo files. Those files are only re-read by XBMC if you update the movie specifically. So:
1. Create a Set "Rocky" in ember and put "Rocky 1" and "Rocky 2" in it
2. Startup XBMC, look for "Rocky 1" in your movie database, select "Show movie info", select "Update" -> "Rocky 1" disappears from your movielist, instead there appears a set "Rocky" with just "Rocky 1" in it.
3. Look for "Rocky 2" in the movie database, "Show movie info", "Update" -> "Rocky 2" disappears from movielist and is now found in the "Rocky"-Set ...

RE: Set Manager Bug - McButton - 2013-06-27

Ah. Nice. I use Boxee. It seems easier for everyone to use in the house and it plays everything I throw at it. Too bad it's dead. Looking for a plug and play replacement though, because I like customization and new options. At least someone hacked it with Boxee+, and they're all over Ebay in case mine dies.

RE: Set Manager Bug - cachirro - 2013-06-29

i know how to use box sets, the problem is the sets manager has a bug, like i said, the collection "nightmare on elm street has TWO movies with the exact same name, and when you try to add the second one, the program freezes and you have to kill it.

RE: Set Manager Bug - CaptainKen - 2013-06-30

I name all my movie folders ending with the year inside of parenthesis. Have you tried it like this?

Nightmare On Elm Street (1994)
Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

RE: Set Manager Bug - cachirro - 2013-06-30

yep, that's exactly how i have them named, however, EMM names them with the exact same name, of course, with the correct imdb ID's.

RE: Set Manager Bug - cachirro - 2013-07-02

in order to bypass this i've manually changed the movies names so they are different and then i've managed to create the set correctly without hangs, however, this is a bug that should, and could, easily be fixed.

RE: Set Manager Bug - DanCooper - 2013-07-02

I have noted it in the bug list.

RE: Set Manager Bug - cachirro - 2013-07-03

Thanks Dan

RE: Set Manager Bug - rassilon22 - 2013-07-05

Just to let you know that this appears to be fixed in 1.4 atm.

(Even if the "Display Year in List Title" checkbox is off.)


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