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HOW TO get XBMC working in VirtualBox - notinmyname - 2013-07-01

Hi everybody,
I didn't find this kind of help in the forum so I've dediced to write a quick guide.

If you install and run XBMC in VirtualBox you'll get the following error message "Unable to create GUI"

This is related to the lack of 3D graphic acceleration.

After searching a while, in Display > Video settings you'll find the "Enable 3D Acceleration"

this is not enough! Before you have to install the "Guest Addition" in safe mode:

1. start the VM in safe mode:

for example with the XP guest running:

Go to Start, click on Run. In the box type msconfig and hit enter.
Click on the BOOT.INI tab, Check /SAFEBOOT save and restart.

2. Install the Guest addition: from within the VM search for the Device menu: there is a dedicated entry.

Make sure you checked the "Direct 3D Support" in the installation wizard

3. run msconfig to restore the standard boot mode

you are done!

hope this helps


RE: HOW TO get XBMC working in VirtualBox - iturribeitia - 2015-11-23

Thank You so much, It works for me (Oracle Virtual Box & @Win 7)

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