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Duplicate identifier? - AbRASiON - 2013-08-17

Is there a plugin which helps you identify duplicate entries?
Note: the files would NOT be identical, in name, format etc.

So for example you've got your DVD rip of Predator on F:\DVD\Predator
and then you've got your BluRay version of it on G:\BluRay\Predator

The files are completely different but there will be 2 entries in XBMC, I'd like to be able to easily find these, without needing me to just sort by name and scroll through.

RE: Duplicate identifier? - AbRASiON - 2013-09-30

Anyone? I'd really like this feature.

RE: Duplicate identifier? - jmarshall - 2013-09-30

This would be pretty easy to do over JSON-RPC: Just grab movies and check the imdb id or similar, falling back to checking title+year for dupes.

RE: Duplicate identifier? - AbRASiON - 2013-10-01

This is coming soon right?

RE: Duplicate identifier? - Ned Scott - 2013-10-01

Someone would have to start working on it first.

RE: Duplicate identifier? - AbRASiON - 2013-10-01

Sorry accidental double post;

Thanks Ned - so this is a feature planned for 13? It's some kind of backend API to the database or something right?

RE: Duplicate identifier? - jmarshall - 2013-10-01

No, my point was that any add-on developer, web-developer etc. could do this already using the existing JSON-RPC API to retrieve all movies and thus identify the dupes. Someone would need to write the add-on to do it, ofcourse, but it doesn't need to be anyone on the XBMC team necessarily.

RE: Duplicate identifier? - un1versal - 2013-10-01

Check this out http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=158373 it may be possible to add that to this script, if you buy author a few beers.

RE: Duplicate identifier? - AbRASiON - 2013-10-02

Ok I've asked there - thanks for the suggestion.

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