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Getting Amazon Instant Video back - natethomas - 2013-09-18

Hey all, evidently the last Amazon Instant Video update to the iOS app brought Airplay streaming to Airplay receivers. Naturally, I gave it a try with XBMC. It sorta worked. The audio was streamed. The video, not so much. Log follows (sorry, not a debug log. I can provide that too if it would help).


Anyway, given the crazy number of people who evidently used Amazon streaming on a fairly regular basis, it seems like it wouldn't be a terrible idea to look into why video might not work.

RE: Getting Amazon Instant Video back - Memphiz - 2013-09-19

1. this is a debug log
2. in that log i don't see anything with amazon. You tried to stream from youtube and it looks like it worked:

http://redirector.c.youtube.com/videoplayback?id=c256d5f8d3d3e7ab&source=youtube&upn=M2g1gEE2E-0&dnc=1&el=videos&cpn=hhpJc078il0e9o9A&ipbits=0&expire=1379516871&sparams=id%2Citag%2Csource%2Cuaopt%2Cupn%2Cip%2Cipbits%2Cexpire&key=yta2&app=youtube_gdata&ip=|User-Agent=AppleCoreMedia%2f1.0.0.8F455%20(AppleTV%3b%20U%3b%20CPU%20OS%204_3%20like%20Mac%20OS%20X%3b%20de_de) -> video/3gpp

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