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Sets Manager - Anderella - 2013-10-03


first of all: it's really awesome that emm found a new home !!! and is back to life SmileSmileSmile

Thank you very much....


Trying to move everything from my old ember (1.2.2385) to the newest version I have some questions:

Is it possible to "just" take/transfer the folder location names to the new emm ?? (I have so many Sad)

Opening the new sets manager seems to read all movies, but ends in an empty window SadSad

Any chance this can be fixed ??

Added two movie-nfo-files (a set) and the old and new set-manager screenshot-jpgs in a zipped file:


Thanks for help !

RE: Sets Manager - DanCooper - 2013-10-03

You can't use the old settings and database, you need a fresh installation. But Ember read all existing NFO and images, if you use the same file settings.

The problem with your sets is that you use a YAMJ setting:

<set order="1">1900 SET</set>

and not the XBMC setting:

<set>1900 SET</set>.

Do you use XBMC or YAMJ as a Media Center?

btw: German support: Link

RE: Sets Manager - Anderella - 2013-10-03

Thanks for your immediate response !

I use YAMJ.

Anywhere I can change a setting, that EMM reads my sets ??
(Hope, don't want to have to add them manually Smile

RE: Sets Manager - DanCooper - 2013-10-04

Yep, activate the YAMJ module in "settings -> modules". There you will find the settings for the sets.
Remove all movies before and update the database again after change settings.

RE: Sets Manager - Anderella - 2013-10-04

Thanks a lot, worked !
Thread can be closed Smile

RE: Sets Manager - DanCooper - 2013-10-04


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