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Music albums - Personal ratings? - micheleferrari - 2013-10-13

Hello community,

I wonder if nobody used XBMC for playing his music albums and wanted to add personal ratings for the album (not songs!)
I see that there is a rating tag in the music database (in the xml file) for albums after scraping. But is it possible to change this rating somehow in the GUI?
I can only change song ratings but not album ratings.
I'm using XBMC 12.3 on Android and Aeon Nox Skin (also tested other skins) and didn't find a way to do this.

Any suggestions would be very welcome!

RE: Music albums - Personal ratings? - LEDFan - 2014-04-17

Looking for the same thing but it looks like not many people have interest in this.

RE: Music albums - Personal ratings? - micheleferrari - 2014-04-18

My current workaround for this is outside XBMC.
I edit the rating tag in the 'album.nfo' file via Text-editor or use a blank 'album.nfo' which only contains the rating tag.
Afterwards you have to refresh the album information in XBMC.
So it works, but not very user-friendly.
Still hope an inside-XBMC solution will appear someday...

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