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PS2/Gamecube/Dreamcast and Xbox emulator? - brianx - 2013-10-19

when is a emulator to retroplayer(XBMC for PC) for PS2/Gamecube/Dreamcast,Nintendo DS,Wii and Xbox? And when will you introduce Netplay(though LAN,Wi-FI,Bluetooth,IR,NFC etc) to every emulator that is available right now?

RE: PS2/Gamecube/Dreamcast and Xbox emulator? - MasterPhW - 2013-10-19

Did you checked the RetroArch and libretro project before?
Did you know, that RetroArch and -Player needs a core for the emulation and since there's no core for all these emulators, there's no retroplayer support.
But since both projects, are open source, feel free to add them. Same with netplay.

Retroplayer isn't feature complete yet and you are already asking for hard to emulate systems (PS2, GC & Wii, Dreamcast) and systems, where no really working emulator exists (Xbox).
Please also keep in mind, that it needs bad horsepower to emulate all these systems and most HTPC configs wouldn't get (nearly) playable speed.

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