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Help - Changing Bello's Theme - skylight1 - 2013-10-31

Hey guys,

Quick question: How do I change the theme of Bello once I get the zipped file downloaded? I've read places that you need to extract the files to /addons/skin.bello but my XBMC folder on Windows 7 doesn't have that skin.bello folder. I tried to create it (without much hope) but it didn't seem to make a difference. I do actually have Bello installed and it is running smoothly on my machine.

Sorry if this is a super trivial question, I'm just tip-toeing into the world of XBMC and find myself slightly overwhelmed. Appreciate any feedback, thanks.


RE: Help - Changing Bello's Theme - peppe_sr - 2013-11-01

take a look here.
for windows:

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