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Missing translations? - hugener - 2006-02-01

working on the danish translation, i have come to find that the following places in the gui are not translatable (no entries in string.xml)

my music: the dialog when opening a stream (strm) says:
"connected to server:"

my music: during visuliazation - press "menu" - milkdrop settings:
none of the labels in this menu are translatable.

my weather - any weather description:
"clearing" (this is of course only displayed depending on the weather).

not sure whether these are bugs and should have been placed in bug discussion.

- kraqh3d - 2006-02-01

the english strings.xml is always up to date. the other languages are translated and submitted to sourceforge. so, please submit your work on the danish translation.

- hugener - 2006-02-01

my translation is currently based on the latest english strings.xml (v. 1.289).

however the above mentioned strings, i couldn't find in the english strings.xml and therefore i can add the translation to the danish, since i dont have the label id.

if you search the english strings.xml for one of the words e.g. "clearing", it's not found.

could it be due to the pm3 skin containing those words directly rather than using label id?

- jmarshall - 2006-02-02

"clearing" can be fixed easy enough.

the caching info is sent by mplayer - we can't have this translateable.

i'm not sure which strings you need localizable from the codec info, give me a list and i'll see what i can do.

- hugener - 2006-02-03

the following strings from my music when playing a song:
under "visualizations -> menu -> milkdrop settings":

page [1]:
"preset pack"
"automatic blend time"
"addition random time"
"enable hard cuts"
"loudness threshold for hard cuts"
"average time between hard cuts"
"maximum refresh rate"

page [2]:
"enable stereo 3d"

i forgot to mention that most of the strings on page 1 set up a time and therefore the string "secs" should also be localized.

- casperse - 2006-11-08


I really would like to get the Danish Translation do you have a updated version for v.2.0 ?

Could you provide a link for it?

Takker! Big Grin

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