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vnsi5 with channel filter - FernetMenta - 2013-11-25

A new feature in vnsi5 is the channel filter. Access the dialog via client specific (like OSD). I allows to set a whitelist for providers + caid combinations and blacklist of resulting channels. On save channels.conf is sorted, all unwanted channels are moved down the list.


RE: vnsi5 with channel filter - ursli - 2013-12-02

Is anybody using gotham on an iPad or iPhone together with vnsi5? I would like to sync my main htpc with the iPad but I struggle to get a grip on how I would cross compile the vnsi5 xbmc addon for the Pad. Maybe somebody got through that hassle already and is willing to share his compiled version?

edit: Sorry for taking over your thread FernetMenta, I thought this would be the best place to ask.

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