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RE: [WIP] Metroid - Offler - 2014-03-23

Fix confirmed. I am bit unsure if channel menu in video windows should be without green background...

RE: [WIP] Metroid - MassIV - 2014-03-23

Bump to 0.1.6. These changes may break stuff.

RE: [WIP] Metroid - Offler - 2014-03-24

No issues yet...

Actors names and roles are now scrolling when mouse is hovering, and font size seems to fit a better

Second check:
No new issues...

RE: [WIP] Metroid - Offler - 2014-03-28

Minor bug:
When playing non-dvd and non-tv video there is one button which opens context menu.

RE: [WIP] Metroid - MassIV - 2014-03-28

Where, in the OSD? What options does it give? Maybe you mean the one for UPNP?

Edit: Part 2 of changes in 1.6 uploaded. Should fix a.o. mouse laggy main menu.

RE: [WIP] Metroid - Offler - 2014-03-31

The button

The one next to the X on the right. I am not sure it if should be visible. This is plain video file.

Tested newer build. Mouse + Main menu while playing video is now perfectly smooth.

Only screen Info > Network may be bit laggy. But it seems to be issue of the XBMC, not skin...

RE: [WIP] Metroid - MassIV - 2014-04-01

That button allows you to resume your current video on a different instance of XBMC. Clicking it gives you a context menu with the available targets.
You are seeing it because you have the following setting turned on:

Settings -> Network -> UPnP -> Look for remote UPnP players

Settings -> Info. Has been a bit weird in general, even in Confluence i could get my Android box to crash to desktop last time i tried.
But it's kind of at the bottom of my to-do list.

Just pushed the last batch of fixes for 0.1.6
Some animation improvements.
You can turn off party mode.
And there is a concept viewtype in there.

RE: [WIP] Metroid - Offler - 2014-04-08

Ok... Been using last version of the skin for a while. No issues like dead ends or buttons which are not working.

- The "blur" effect seems to kill my Atom CPU, should be more visible on smaller mobile devices...
- The effect may get stuck and remain on screen for a while (usually until I move the cursor)

Have to perform complete upgrade to newer Gotham build to continue.

RE: [WIP] Metroid - MassIV - 2014-04-08

XBMC doesn't have blur. You mean fade? I did see some ghost images lingering on screen in some alpha builds.
But not since beta builds. Can you tell me the heaviest animation(s) you can find for your Atom?

RE: [WIP] Metroid - Offler - 2014-04-08

When opening "My movies" and the posters appear in the animation.

It looks like the XBMC is displaying the same image 3-5x each with fade effect.

I will check it after upgrade of XBMC and Skin. Maybe settings like "disable effects" will be needed for slower systems. Anyways it seems to affect only the "fancy" features of the skin, not functionality.

RE: [WIP] Metroid - Offler - 2014-04-11

Poster view:

When you are at the end of list, it starts to repeat from the beginning.

a) My Movies
Since I have about 60 movies in library this behavior is ok.

b) My Tv series
I use "banner view" in first screen. When I click on series i see poster view. Usually I have 1-5 series, Back button if enabled. It looks very strange to see single series repeated over the screen again and again and again... I know that its possible to have single series not packed like this, but when you have two series it looks really strange.

RE: [WIP] Metroid - MassIV - 2014-04-15

Changes a.o. switch to Gotham positioning, PlayerControls as include, some improvements to main menu behavior, code cleanup / rewrite.
And a version bump.

Let me know if you are still having problems with the fade.

RE: [WIP] Metroid - Offler - 2014-04-19

Fade effect now does not seem to have that error as previously. When changing screens from "my movies" to "my tv series" is visible some kind of graphical glitch. What was previously on screen will briefly appear (while fading out) and is replaced by the new screen and its items.

Not much a tragedy, just does not seem nice. Can you reproduce it?

RE: [WIP] Metroid - MassIV - 2014-04-20

Try this version (0.1.8) latest.

- Change to Gotham widget loading
- Improved startup time
- Improved settings for widgets
- Fixed window close and fade glitch (i think)

Note that you will have to install an additional addon (also added to OP). At least until the new version of skin.widgets is done.

RE: [WIP] Metroid - Offler - 2014-04-20

Poster View:
Definitely too sensitive Smile

List view (only text):
Text may become unreadable while scrolling. Its because of fade effect which is applied to it.

"Upper directory" may act as "back". But it seems this changed in XBMC behavior as well. I can barely fix movies which were not detected correctly by scraper...

Due some reason some movies were not visible. Fixed by reinstalling of XBMC.

Glitches seems to be fixed, Overall the animations are much smoother.

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