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RE: [WIP] Metroid - MassIV - 2014-06-10

Changes and commits all the time https://github.com/MassIV?tab=activity
Version bumps only after enough meaningful changes.
But you can always replace the old content in your skin addon folder with that on github by delete and copy.

Also been busy submitting Metroid to development repo, so you can get auto updates if you have the dev repo installed.
And have been prepping for translations ect.

So no worries, stuff is happening.

[EDIT] Metroid is now in the official repo.

RE: [WIP] Metroid - Reynald - 2014-06-10

Oh I'm silly, I had not seen in the repo xbmc , it s good Smile

. Sorry!

RE: [WIP] Metroid - Reynald - 2014-06-11


Skin that is really beautiful bravo, again lots of little things that I love much and other lot less:
but there is some point not to my taste !
1 / It is unfortunate cut images for list, it would be nice to have an alternative with larger to avoid "crop" images or landscape poster.
2 / when I change (see picture attached) section in the skin settings, the previous display remains in the background. Is this normal or is that a setting I forgot?
3 / When I'm on the movies, is it a setting to enable the escape key to return to the home closed?

thank very much for your amazing work !

Cheers Smile

And another thing, is it that it is possible to remove or hide the white bar at the top? my avatar. I did not want to find it on the skin!

RE: [WIP] Metroid - Reynald - 2014-06-11

this picture, we can see that it is the same two windows overlap


How can I disable the logo on the images in the list view

RE: [WIP] Metroid - MassIV - 2014-06-13

1/ not changing cut images

2/ skin settings, does not look like skin problem. If you are using dirty regions, try setting <algorithmdirtyregions>3</algorithmdirtyregions> in advancedsettings.xml and see if it still happens.

3/ Not sure what you mean? You can enable: Skin settings -> main menu -> Home in main menu

4/ remove or hide the white bar at the top? No.

5/ remove or hide avatar? No, it has click functions

6/ disable the logo on the images in the list view? Make sure you use latest version, main menu -> options -> Logo.

RE: [WIP] Metroid - snazy2000 - 2014-08-10

I am an developer for MediaBrowser (mediabrowser.tv) we have a plugin for XBMC called XBMB3C which allows our users to view there Media Browser libraries inside XBMC and use it as a client.

I was wondering if you would be interested in adding support for XBMB3C.

RE: [WIP] Metroid - MassIV - 2014-08-12

Depends on how much work it is i guess. Do you have instructions / examples anywhere?

RE: [RELEASE] Metroid - danielsokolows - 2014-10-06

I am using version 1.0.0 and none of the covers are loading on the 'landing' page - any suggestions on how to fix this?

RE: [RELEASE] Metroid - MassIV - 2014-10-06

Can you give me a debug log of starting XBMC/Kodi into the home screen. And a screenshot.


So I can see what is happening.

RE: [RELEASE] Metroid - danielsokolows - 2014-10-08


The XBMC log script uploader fails!? So you can get the file and screen shot at below links instead:


Hope that helps.

And just in case FYI that after installing the Developer skin repository add-on the Metroid skin is not there - should I manually update to the beta from your github?

RE: [RELEASE] Metroid - MassIV - 2014-10-08

@danielsokolows Hey thnx for the good info.

Metroid is out of beta and has moved to the official repo.

In the screenshot it looks like two different versions of the skin were mixed together. Maybe an update failed to complete?

In the log, the CVideoDatabase::RunQuery for the widgets look to work just fine. And the titles show up as well.

So to make sure you can start clean, I'd recommend uninstalling via the gui (inside xbmc).
Then clearing old versions from your addon and packages folder.


You can additionally have a look in the ~XBMC\guisettings.xml with a program like "Notepad++".
Anything with
should be gone. Easy to check with search function.

Then go back into XBMC and install from normal official repo.

I also recommend you update your 13.0-ALPHA11 to the 13.2 stable version. http://xbmc.org/download/

RE: [RELEASE] Metroid - danielsokolows - 2014-10-09

Carried out your tasks:

- uninstalled the skin then deleted skin.metroid-1.0.0.zip (that was the only thing found).
- crap load of references in guisettings.xml still though - I recall trying the skin a while ago and DAMN you XBMC for using XML format Smile

Updated to 13.2 and deleted the guisettings.xml and all is good - where do I donate?

RE: [RELEASE] Metroid - MassIV - 2014-10-09

(2014-10-09, 06:29)danielsokolows Wrote: all is good - where do I donate?
Great Big Grin
Donate to XBMC or your local animal shelter or something Wink

RE: [RELEASE] Metroid - danielsokolows - 2014-10-13


I really like the simplicity of the skin and can see my parents using it - my humble suggestions from first time user - please consider as you see fit Smile

- in the landing page allow for pressing 'i' on the tiles to see the item info screen which includes the synopsis
- in the TV episodes view (whenever you present using two rows) have it that pressing 'left' and 'right' does the sequential navigation of titles in the 'z' pattern to go from one episode to the next, and pressing down just activates the page scroll, and up the menu.
- the blue highlight selection does not stand out enough and I find I am 'looking' for it - perhaps allow me to change it, or make it more bolder colour and thicker
- in the movie selection view, where you have movies at bottom in a one row, display synopsis (which autoscrolls) instead of who directed by, written by, etc information
- in the tv selection view, when over a tile the synopsis eventually comes in, I believe it should be immediate and also auto scroll
- the main menu I find it less noisy (and easier for my parents) where the submenus are not enabled - perhaps it should be a default setting
- having the global back button turned on also helps - perhaps it should be a default setting
- the favorites (custom menu items) should be grouped - I was surprised that item 2,3 I setup did not appear right after my 1st item (which appears early at the top of the menu)

So again these are my first impressions, overall this is the best skin I have tried so far, it looks sharp and is simple to use.

Be great,

RE: [RELEASE] Metroid - danielsokolows - 2014-10-13

...and I also found one of the included gray backgrounds to work better instead of the purple default one Smile

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