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PVR on Gotham on ATV1 - thermionic - 2013-11-29


I'm a little stuck between a rock and a hard place

I have an ATV1 running crystalbuntu2 (Frodo) which has issues with visualizations http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=170850

I would also like to have the MediaPortal addon (which runs very well under Frodo, thanks!) but under Gotham (tried several from from Alpha 7 Git:20120804-c165f59 to Alpha 10 Git:20131128-50ed50f) the MediaPortal PVR plugin (1.6.8) is marked as disabled and will not start.

Is there any way I can get the MediaPortal addon running ?


RE: PVR on Gotham on ATV1 - margro - 2013-11-30

Version 1.6.8 is for Frodo and not compatible with Gotham. You need to update also the PVR addons to Gotham.
The PVR addons version numbers for Gotham Alpha 10 should have a v1.9.x version number

RE: PVR on Gotham on ATV1 - thermionic - 2013-11-30

Thanks for the reply :-)

My next "dumb question" is, how can I update the addons ? or is that something that the maintainer of crystalbuntu has to do ?

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