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Music visualization - ARYEZ - 2013-11-30

I'm working on a mod for the music visualization screen and I need some help...basically I have everything rewritten as I want it to look but no matter what I can't seem to get rid of the fanart fading effect. I've searched all the XML files that I would expect to affect this setting but to no avail. I've tried removing files from the media folder like bg vignette and back (these seem to affect everything except the music visualization screen lol) but still no matter what I do the fanart in the music visualization screen always dims.

Btw I should mention that the visualization screen I'm working with is for the full screen now playing with artist fanart as the background.

Any help would be appreciated.

RE: Music visualization - curtis-r - 2013-12-05

Are you using a Gotham alpha? I'm finding the same issue with my Aeon MQ5 skin's music visualization whereby after a few minutes the screen dims, with all the proper visualization stuff still displaying. But it doesn't happen every time, which makes it tough to figure out. I'm still on alpha9.

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