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ActiveAE in nightly builds - _Andy_ - 2013-12-14


I like to test the new audio engine. I downloaded the latest nightly build. I searched the forum but i can't find an answer. Is ActiveAE enabled by default in nightly gotham builds
or do i need to enable with a switch in the environment?

I looked into the xbmc log and found 2 lines only.

04:52:22 T:524 NOTICE: Thread ActiveAE start, auto delete: false
04:52:22 T:3624 NOTICE: Thread AESink start, auto delete: false

So is ActiveAE enabled now?

RE: ActiveAE in nightly builds - Ned Scott - 2013-12-15

yes. ActiveAE work has replaced other code (from what I understand), so there's nothing to manually switch.

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