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RE: Internet Archive - archive.org - gujal - 2024-06-02

(2024-06-01, 10:36)barney63 Wrote: @gujal

My other issue is the video constantly crashing.  More often than not when you advance a video (by clicking on the timeline) it will (freeze) crash.  Other times hitting the stop button will cause the program to crash.  Usually the only way a video won't crash is if once you click play you don't touch anything until the video ends.

The video format I choose doesn't seem to matter.

Is this happening to anyone else?  Thanks

Kodi 21/Win 10/IA Alpha 3

Yep Kodi 21.0 is quite unstable as it is using the latest FFMPEG, crashes often on videoplayback. Even HLS streams that work fine in Kodi 19, refuse to play with Videoplayer in Kodi21 and you have to switch to Inputstream Adaptive to play in such cases which is a pain to control inside the addon
Hopefully they stabilize it in the next point release

RE: Internet Archive - archive.org - barney63 - 2024-06-02

Thanks for responding.  I'm not sure if the crashing wasn't happening before I went to Kodi 21 but I appreciate your explanation and hope this can be rectified in Kodi

RE: Internet Archive - archive.org - gujal - 2024-07-04

The plugin.video.archive.org addon has now been merged into the Kodi repo-plugins git. You can install from the official repo from now on

RE: Internet Archive - archive.org - barney63 - 2024-07-04

Thanks, much appreciated, great addon

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