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Make customized menu - artinzaman - 2013-12-20

Hi Everyone
I am pretty new to customizing XBMC. What I am trying to do is making customized menu on Home screen which each of them would point to a training video and on the sub menu the option of choosing the language and after picking the language the list shows up and show all the videos available for that course and language.
I mange to edit home.xml and put the a button there naming it for one of the courses but when you click on it nothing a blank window opens.
Need to add I have files stored on a NAS which is sharing it using UPnP and I already added the source to XBMC, Which was the folder containing different folders representing different languages and in each language folder videos of that course/language.

Can someone help me I would very appreciate all help I can get

RE: Make customized menu - hemuni - 2013-12-23

I add the node to favorites, then copy the link from favourites.xml and paste it into home.xml. This always work.

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