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Laurel & Hardy Collection (Boxart/Covers/Banner) - Z0m8ie - 2013-12-22

Another collection of covers for any L&H fans, all 1080p. Comments welcome, If these help you please dont forget to REP me(+- at bottom of page) I had 200 downloads of my Looney Tune covers last time I looked and only got REP'ed once!lol [Smile]



RE: Laurel & Hardy Collection (Boxart/Covers/Banner) - PatK - 2013-12-22

I haven't a lot of Laurel & Hardy, but the work is outstanding and I've reped you here and will see that I rep you for the Looney Tunes collection. I do like the backdrop posted above, any chance of a 1080p version?

Again terrific work and deserves a few seconds to give a few points to your rep.

RE: Laurel & Hardy Collection (Boxart/Covers/Banner) - Z0m8ie - 2013-12-22

Thanks again Pat. I did that background really quick just for demonstration purposes but I'll do a better one and post it here for you. In the meantime, will these do, all 1080p:-

Alot of these had logo's and writing on which I removed for HTPC purpose.






RE: Laurel & Hardy Collection (Boxart/Covers/Banner) - PatK - 2013-12-23

Great stuff pick them all up, now I have to scramble looking for the videos to match, your going to make me go broke!

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