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[RELEASE] RAM FM Eighties Hit Radio - spoyser - 2013-12-30


RAM FM broadcast music within a wide perspective from the years between and around 1975-1995 and some of today's music that would have fit in just fine at the time.

RAM FM play all genres of eighties music, from punk to disco, from synth-pop to folk, from rock to easy listening and from new wave to dance.

RAM FM play these different genres of eighties music in no special order and without any priority or personal musical preferences involved whatsoever.

RAM FM aim to create a realistic musical time image of the eighties.

RAM FM never play the same song within 36 hours and never the same artist within 4 hours. Listeners can request 3 tracks every 30 minutes complying with these musical format and playlist rotation rules.

Basically it's an 80's (mostly) station but with an added twist; you can request songs via the XBMC addon. You'll be amazed how quickly they play too. Tracks that are currently unavailable (due to the above rules) are displayed in red, although if you would rather they can be hidden via the addon settings page.

Current Features Include:
Auto start of RAM FM stream (configurable in settings)
Song Requestor
Record Stream
RAM FM Podcasts

Can be found in the official xbmc.org addon repository under Music Add-ons

RE: [RELEASE] RAM FM Eighties Hit Radio - mirageuk - 2014-01-01

Nice to see this in the xbmc.org repro list its an awesome music addon the music requester and slideshow give it that star quality. if your into the eighties music its a must have addon....

RE: [RELEASE] RAM FM Eighties Hit Radio - falafael - 2014-01-01

Mate, this is one amazing station, and have been using yr addon since day one, for which we are all appreciative!!

Any more updates to come?

This Addon is awesome, check it out people!!

RE: [RELEASE] RAM FM Eighties Hit Radio - falafael - 2014-01-15

bumping , and new updates mate?

RE: [RELEASE] RAM FM Eighties Hit Radio - RAM FM - 2018-03-24

Hi Spoyser,

Could you please change the URL from the 320kbps stream to:
The server changed it.
Now the link on the addon points to another station.

Thanks in advance,

Station Manager RAM FM

RE: [RELEASE] RAM FM Eighties Hit Radio - mirageuk - 2018-03-24

Hi Spoyser,   Paul is trying to contact you regarding a change to the stream  are you still about ?

RE: [RELEASE] RAM FM Eighties Hit Radio - RAM FM - 2018-03-26

We at RAM FM urge KODI users to download and install the latest Zip file available on http://ramfm.org.
This because the current version is not pointing to the correct 320kbps stream anymore !
To do so: On the website click the Kodi icon and the download will begin.

Paul R. Stuurop
Station Manager
RAM FM Eighties Hit Radio

RE: [RELEASE] RAM FM Eighties Hit Radio - RAM FM - 2018-05-31

latest 320 mp3 stream URL = http://ramfm.shoutcaststream.com:8513

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