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Problem on Synology - gagadu - 2014-01-11

Hi Guys,

I have a (hopefully) only small problem during the first setup, that I can't solve, hope
you can help me.

I have Tvheadend installed on a Synology DS413 with a TechniSat Skystar USB (DVB-S) attached.

The config auf Tvheadend find this device and starts also the scan on the Astra 19.2E.

Services are found, only the signal strength rests at 0%, so that nothing is or can't be streamed.

I think the possible problem could be, that i am working behind a multiswitch, but i am not
sure what i have to change in the configuration and neither can't find a solution.

Thanks in advance!

RE: Problem on Synology - joncl - 2014-01-22

Use the multiswitch setting like normal i.e;

Diseqc !,2,3,4 (a,b,c,d)
LO: (of LNB as an universal LNB will not switch with your device as their is no 18v)
V / H

RE: Problem on Synology - gagadu - 2014-03-02

Hello joncl,

thank you for your answer!
Unfortunately I don't really understand what you mean.

Just to be a bit more accurate on my setup:
I have a 8-way Multiswitch with one lnb.
TVHeadend finds all muxes and channels, but when i tune
to one channel i only get a green image.

Thanks again for your help!

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