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Subtitle handling in OSD - topfs2 - 2014-01-15

When pressing next in OSD of subtitles in Gotham the subtitle can be disabled. While this makes perfect sense if you have "next" and/or "previous" subtitle mapped to a key on the keyboard/remote, it is frustrating in the GUI. I mean, there is an "enable/disable" button and its not at all clear that the next will do that. Even worse, when you disable it the little popup vanishes Smile

I propose that we add either an option to the [Next|Previous]Subtitle action which allows for disable, or we add another action. It is confusing that it disables in OSD GUI.


RE: Subtitle handling in OSD - Ace - 2014-01-15


RE: Subtitle handling in OSD - da-anda - 2014-01-15

sure, introduce a new action which only cycles through subtitles but does not disable those and use it in skins. Keep keymappings as they are.

RE: Subtitle handling in OSD - Ned Scott - 2014-01-15

Sounds logical

RE: Subtitle handling in OSD - topfs2 - 2014-01-15

So now to the really hard question, What to name the action Tongue

The current one is NextSubtitle. To me that naming suggest _nothing_ about it disableing subtitles. So IMO that one should perhaps be the one which just selects a subtitle?
The other name I can come up with is CycleSubtitle, not sure if thats a good naming for with disable or without disable? To be frank its quite hard to name it in any way so that it makes perfect sense its a different action and what the intent is Tongue


RE: Subtitle handling in OSD - topfs2 - 2014-01-15

Very quickly thrown together for the sake of testing it out. https://github.com/topfs2/xbmc/commit/243f6d37e9c2534be3bb35c6ada4cc84a1baee8f

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