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Favorite channels - Dr.Feelgood - 2014-01-15

i'm newbie to Tvheadend PVR,
I was wondering if it's possible to get the favorite channels to show as a standard channel list instead of all channels. In Tvheadend i have tagged my favorites with a Favorite tag and i want to have that list as default.
It's a bit frustrating (for my wife) to scroll until she finds right channel list.
I also wonder how to program the remote (Imon knob) to have a one push button show the favorite channel list.

I'm converting from mediaportal to XBMC with PVR and i must say that mediaportal GUI was much user friendly than XBMC for Live TV watching.
In MP all you need to do is to press enter and the last used channel list always shows up.

Why does not XBMC shows last used channel list as it's auto starting the last watched channel but from all channel list?

I hope you can help me to get the same experience from XBMC.

Br, Feelgood

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