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Aeon Nox 5 - BigNoid - 2014-01-16

Now available on XBMC.org repository!

This is a redesign that attempts to bring Aeon up to par with the clean designs of modern gui's while keeping it recognizable as Aeon Nox,
so I know a lot of stuff is missing and/or different from 4.x.x. In order to create a resource friendly and usable gui, not everything from v4 could be added to v5. I had to make choices of what to include and not to include and I did that on basis of the views / options / features I myself use.
This means that the choice had to be made to rid options and redundant views out of the skin. So if you miss your favorite view / option or functionality, you'll have to make a mod to bring those back.
You'll see some elements of the touch skin Droid that I made return here.

List of known bugs in current repo version 5.1.2 which are all fixed on the gotham branch on git.
  • Nothing yet Big Grin

You'll need the following scripts to make the most out of the skin (they should installed automatically when installing from repo):
- script.grab.fanart
- script.skinshortcuts
- service.library.data.provider
For movie sets I recommend using a video addon:
- plugin.moviesets

This skin has full mouse support. To access the media menu with the mouse, click in the top left corner of the screen.
This skin is designed to be low on resources.
Bluray/DVD cases don't fit the design anymore imo.

watch gallery

Video tutorial on creating custom menus/submenus by isamu.dragon:

If you use this skin and notice a bug, please post it in this thread and/or create an issue on github.
If you think there's something missing in the core design, please post it in this thread and/or create an issue on github.
Suggestions are welcome, but I'll only add things if they fit the new design;
In other words, I wont be adding stuff as easily as in the past, nor do I want to add logos/rolling cdart/etc everywhere just because I can.

If you do not like this redesign please be civil about it Tongue I'm sure there other skins out there that better suit your needs.
If you do like the redesign, I'm of course happy to hear that too Big Grin


RE: Aeon Nox 5 (Gotham) - warlion - 2014-01-16

Dude been waiting for you skin can't wait for testing thanks

RE: Aeon Nox 5 (Gotham) - Vaikin - 2014-01-16

Looks good Smile

RE: Aeon Nox 5 (Gotham) - wgstarks - 2014-01-16

Are there going to be actor photos in the info screen? Or maybe that was a mod?

RE: Aeon Nox 5 (Gotham) - KrakenT3ch - 2014-01-16

Loving the clean looks Smile Cant wait for the release

RE: Aeon Nox 5 (Gotham) - teeedubb - 2014-01-16

Looking good! Patiently waiting for the preview version! Smile

RE: Aeon Nox 5 (Gotham) - mikebzh44 - 2014-01-16

Subscribed Wink

Can't wait for this new release Big Grin

RE: Aeon Nox 5 (Gotham) - Rouzax - 2014-01-16

Looks great Smile
Hopefully the play controls can be hidden again.

RE: Aeon Nox 5 (Gotham) - zag - 2014-01-16

I've had the privilege of helping to test this out and its already looking great.

The thin panels look very nice.

Looking forward to the general release Smile

RE: Aeon Nox 5 (Gotham) - isamu.dragon - 2014-01-16

1 question, are DVD/Bluray cases in the showcase view as an option?

RE: Aeon Nox 5 (Gotham) - Kpitn - 2014-01-16

So Pretty! I will follow this thread closely Wink

RE: Aeon Nox 5 (Gotham) - Dybro - 2014-01-16

Hi. Sounds great with an Aeon Nox for Gotham.

Can you say anything about when the Aeon Nox 5 Preview version will be available for download?

I get that it is "soon", but that could be anything from later today, to a couple of weeks out in the future.

I am asking because I am trying to figure out wether to live with Confluence on my HTPC until Aeon Nox 5 is available, or if I should install Aeon MQ 5 and configure it, so I once again have a nice looking media center.

RE: Aeon Nox 5 (Gotham) - Martijn - 2014-01-16

count on soon being weeks

RE: Aeon Nox 5 (Gotham) - Dybro - 2014-01-16

Okay, thank you for the answer, and quick response Smile

I will se if I can make Aeon MQ 5 on XBMC 13 as pretty as Aeon Nox 4 on XBMC 12 Smile

RE: Aeon Nox 5 (Gotham) - nick w - 2014-01-16

This looks ace!

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