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cdArt and central music db - hatchetharry - 2014-01-26


I'm storing all my music files on a central NAS and also arranged the XBMC music database to be on the NAS. Main reason is, that I want to maintain the database (updates etc.) via my PC-XBMC while using it also via my mediacenter-XBMC. Basically this is working out fine.

Currently I try to add fanarts etc. to the library via cdArt manager. While storing my music in //.../music/albums/, I directed my fanarts to //../music/fanart/. As far as I understood, cdArt manager also creats a database for the fantarts etc, I assume locally with the XBMC installation. Is there a way to have a single fanart database centrally on the NAS, which all the XBMC-clients can use?


PS: I'm using Frodo 12.2 and standard Confluence skin.

RE: cdArt and central music db - hatchetharry - 2014-01-27

Wrong thread, stupid question? Nobody to enlighten me?

I noticed columns "strImage" and "strFanart" in the central music db, do they point to the centrally stored fanarts?

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