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artist slide show - duca81 - 2014-02-11

Hello every body,

I'm Peter, I'm from Florence and I'm 33 years old, I like very much your skyn! Actualy my mediacenter is an old pc with Athlon Xp 3500 , asus nvdia geforce 210, 2 gb ram, 250 gb hdd sata.

I have configured cd art work and artistslide show, and the fanart of the artist appears in player mode, but I can't see any poster or fanart in the music archive....
Does anybody could help me?

Thank you

RE: artist slide show - duca81 - 2014-02-14

Does anybody could help me?

Thank you in advance.

RE: artist slide show - pecinko - 2014-02-14

Have you scanned music to your library?

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