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Advanced Launcher- launching items - Daisuke1988 - 2014-03-06

Hi everyone, first time posting. I have this minor issue with advanced launcher. Please refer to the following video and my issues is at 04:54. In my old set up all I would get was the small progress notification but now I get this. Can someone help me fix this? All I want is to stay on the home screen when I select steam or wmc(live TV)

Just to elaborate, I would like to stay on the home screen and not be takes to the default directory with the ugly thumbnail screen. Thanks again.

RE: Advanced Launcher- launching items - Angelscry - 2014-03-06

All this depends how you are launching Steam from Advanced Launcher (stand alone launcher? files launcher? are you using a script?). It will also depend how you are starting the created steam favourite from Advanced Launcher : using PlayMedia(), ActivateWindow() or RunPlugin() XBMC function? http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=85724&pid=1607082#pid1607082

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