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SMB shares with Windows Vista does not work - Gibby - 2006-03-30

i had a share on my windows xp machine that had all of my tv shows shared through a smb share and it worked great. i now am testing out the windows vista v5342 32bit version on the same machine but i am not able to connect with xbmc through the same setup.

if anyone has any idea on how i would be able to stream my tv shows onto my xbox through xbmc with windows vista any and all help would be appreciated!

- shaneuk - 2006-03-30

since vista is still in heavy beta development i would recommned going to vista boards and also asking about smb shares there.

smb is a popular choice, if it is not supported/working under the current vista build, im sure the vista community will be/have made a work around.

just a thought.

- EGOvoruhk - 2006-05-19

i'm also looking for some help with vista

i'm having the same problems Sad

- Salvat0re - 2006-05-25

i have same problem with windows vista build 5384

plz help

- Washy - 2006-05-26

same here - i can access the internet, but when i try to logon to a shared folder... i get a username/password popup. if it were a bad setting, i think i would get a "can't connect to network error message" or something similar.

all the settings and permissions are the same as my xp os settings.

anyone find a solution yet?


- elupus - 2006-05-26

since they have tightened security in vista.. there are alot that can go wrong..

file permissions may be off.
share permissions.
guest account might be disabled

- Merola - 2006-05-26

i'm experiencing the same problems.. Sad
worked perfectly with xp, but now i cant connect, just username and password "popup"
i tried setting password to my windows vista user, but still no go.
gonna try enabling guest account now.. see if that works.

- Washy - 2006-05-27

correct me if i' wrong, but enabling the guest account with the right permission's to a share just lets you login without a user/pass. which doesn't work in vista either.

so guest enabled - smb://computername/share
guest disabled - smb://username:[email protected]/share/

- Merola - 2006-05-27

nothing works Sad

- B4tm4n - 2006-05-27

has anyone tried asking here on the pronetworks forum.

cheers b4tm4n.

- RonDMC - 2006-06-10

has anyone found a solution or work around for this yet?

the guys that were having this problem did you end up going back to xp?


- goblin - 2006-06-10

having the same problem i searched the net;

vista comes with a major revision of the smb protocol identified as smb 2.0.

from the article at


i don't know if it helps, but there must be a way to make vista to accept *something*??

thanks, goblin

- Washy - 2006-06-10

i gave up with smb, but the program ccxgui_1.41 worked without any problems.

- goblin - 2006-06-10

thanks, i'll give that a try 'til they (m$Wink fixes smb in vista.

i did some further testing and since a simple "map network drive" fails which i hace done a thousand times... i think it's reasonably safe to say it's vista that has the problem for now! Smile


- coolskin - 2006-06-10

(washy @ june 10 2006,17:19 Wrote:i gave up with smb, but the program ccxgui_1.41 worked without any problems.
i have the same probs with smb & vista

but what does this program (ccxgui_1.41v) do? can i connect in xbmc to my shares on any other way with vista?