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RE: Amazon Fire TV for XBMC - davilla - 2014-04-02

awaaa, no h265 Smile

RE: Amazon Fire TV for XBMC - elmerohueso - 2014-04-02

(2014-04-02, 23:03)elmcguinness Wrote: If it is indeed open then it will be a welcome replacement for my OUYA, but otherwise it is a non-starter.

Yup. I'll get mine tomorrow and confirm if XBMC runs (don't see why not, since it works on the Kindle Fire), and if the Wifi is better than the OUYA (that's not hard to beat). If it's good, then it's time to sell my OUYA. If it's not, then "hassle free returns".

RE: Amazon Fire TV for XBMC - elmerohueso - 2014-04-03

(2014-04-02, 22:33)lrjensen Wrote:
(2014-04-02, 22:16)DaPhatty Wrote: Has anyone found a list of supported video file formats? I love my Apple TVs but my iTunes conversion and import workflow is starting to wear thin on my patience.

Doesn't list the actual file formats (containers), but according to the specs these are the supported video encodings:
H.263, H.264, MPEG4-SP, VC1

Here's a more comprehensive list, including containers.

RE: Amazon Fire TV for XBMC - Netix - 2014-04-03

Can't wait for it to become available in Canada.. Sad Hope it's gonna be faster than the chromecast..!

RE: Amazon Fire TV for XBMC - hdmkv - 2014-04-03

The other question is can the internal 8GB memory be expanded via a USB memory stick?

RE: Amazon Fire TV for XBMC - elmcguinness - 2014-04-03

@elmerohueso Awesome will watch for your reply

RE: Amazon Fire TV for XBMC - DaPhatty - 2014-04-03

Hopefully we will get some sort of "official" response from the XBMC devs on their intentions/plans for the Fire TV now that it is a real product.

RE: Amazon Fire TV for XBMC - LazerBlue - 2014-04-03

I decided to order one. I do wish now that I paid the $3.99 for overnight shipping but can't complain too much since it will probably sit in the box for a week anyway. Wanted something simple for the bedroom for the misses, so if this does runs XBMC without issue that it'll be two birds one stone for a secondary TV.

RE: Amazon Fire TV for XBMC - dhead - 2014-04-03

Maybe out of the context of this forum but with Freedreno around I'm guessing it's only question of time until this device would be running Linux.

The hell with Android, I would like to see this run Gnome 3+.

RE: Amazon Fire TV for XBMC - garvani - 2014-04-03

Ordered mine earlier. Its on its way to New Zealand via a freight forwarder, so ill be waiting 2 weeks at a guess.. Will be checking in on this thread religously until then! I too wonder about the usefulness of that usb port, i hope we can browse local files on an external disk!

RE: Amazon Fire TV for XBMC - ilovemymac - 2014-04-03

(2014-04-02, 21:01)awp0 Wrote: Yeah, the Android part makes it interesting. But does anyone know if it's locked down? And even then, is it really much better than an Ouya? It sounds fast, but it seems like people like the performance of the Ouya too.

Ouya is not that great. its running an older tegra 3 processor and only 1Gb ram. I personally do not like the ouya. I have had to many that did not work right. They are slow if you try doing more then 1 thing at a time or if you have more then a couple things downloading it will slow down.
I prefer the minix neo X7 mini with custom rom
I can only get a antutu score of 15600 on the ouya with the x7mini i can get 20667

RE: Amazon Fire TV for XBMC - drhill - 2014-04-03

(2014-04-02, 23:30)davilla Wrote: awaaa, no h265 Smile

You jest, but I'm a little sad, but not surprised, at no mpeg2 and no DTS. I expect there won't be any 24p support either.

Amazon Fire TV for XBMC - ilovemymac - 2014-04-03

It said pass through that would be dts?

RE: Amazon Fire TV for XBMC - drhill - 2014-04-03

We won't know until someone gets one, but I think even pass through DTS needs a license. Then there is HD format support for DTS and Dolby TrueHD.

RE: Amazon Fire TV for XBMC - davilla - 2014-04-03

if they don't list DTS, then I highly doubt that is would be enabled for passthough.