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Uninstalling tvheadend - MaxLittlemore - 2014-04-08

I've been trying to use TVHeadend for a while but I have finally given up after months of frustration at the lack of timeshifting, lack of decent channel scanning in my area and the fact that the RF splat from the kitchen light turning on kills both my tuners and wont resume recordings. So with some trepidation I am switching back to a myth backend...

As part of this, I tried to uninstall the TVHeadend PVR plugin from xbmc and it just wont go.

I tried uninstalling the plugin and sure enough it disappeared from the list of enabled plugins but when I quit xbmc and restart the system is complaining that the tvheadend plugin can't find the server (which is already sucessfully removed)
Anyone have any ideas on how to get the uninstall button to actually uninstall the software? I'm running 12.3 git(something) compiled Dec 2013 on Ubuntu 12.04

RE: Uninstalling tvheadend - negge - 2014-04-08

PVR addons have to be uninstalled using "apt-get remove".

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