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Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA - DL & Changelog - Latest: (2015-06-11) - DanCooper - 2014-04-09

Please do not use the programs folder, unless you know how to fix the access rights.

Please use new settings and advancedsettings if you used Ember 1.3.x before!

Hints for version / /
  • check all language sttings for images in each global "Scrapers - Images" settings
  • again enable "Display Image Select..." in movie "Scraper - Images" settings

Known bugs in / /
  • rescrape season -> crash
  • rescrape episode -> crash
  • MovieSet expert settings "Parent Folder" does not work
  • Offlline Media Manager does not work (we will fix it as its next)
  • new Genre management is not implemented (also one of our next steps)
  • VLC module does not work properly

Hints for version
  • old Media File Manager "target folders" are no longer available, you have to set it again

Hints for version
  • check your movie, movieset and tv show image settings (all or most of all settings are set back to defaults)
  • check your movie global setting "Plot for Plot Outline"

Hints for version
  • again reset the "TV Show Multipart Matching" and "Show Match Regex" in Settings -> TV Shows -> Files and Sources -> (tab) Regex

Hints for version
  • enable "Display Image Select dialog while single scraping" in Settings -> Movies -> Scrapers-Images -> Images
  • reset the "TV Show Multipart Matching" in Settings -> TV Shows -> Files and Sources -> (tab) Regex (the "Show Match Regex" list should be filled automatically)

Hints for version
  • delete the file Ratings.xml in .\EmberMediaManager\Settings to get the new fixed list with next start
  • Season and episode pattern has changed in renamer. Please check your settings and add a padding number if you want seasons/episode numbers like s01e01 instead of (new) s1e1

Ember Media Manager BETA x86 - 2015-06-11 (No x64 version of this release. We have to solve a few problems first.)

Please use this thread for discussions: Link
Subscribes this thread for updates.

RE: Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA (Download & Changelog) Latest: 2014-09-05 - DanCooper - 2014-05-07

Changelog (2015-06-11)

fixed: TMDB ID will be saved as thumb URL in actors table

Changelog (2015-06-11)

fixed: error while loading Settings.xml if SeasonPosterPrefSize was set to HD1000
fixed: some language errors

Changelog (2015-06-10)

added: Windows shell context menu entries (check Settings -> Misc)
added: mapping for hevc/h265 (reset the video codec mapping to default)
added: LastPlayed for movies and episodes (read and write to/from NFO)
added: more IDs (IMDB/TMDB/TVDB) for actors, movies, seasons, tv shows and episodes (not all are in use atm)
added: more preferred image sizes
added: error loging to all NFO readers
fixed: some language issues
fixed: removing movie/tv show sources takes a lot of time
fixed: AllSeasons image flags be removed if new episodes has been added
fixed: some issues with dialogs (missing in Taskbar, Icons)
fixed: default settings
fixed: main screen images start positions
changed: all language settings for images are move to global "Scraper - Images" settings
changed: image scrapers handling (massive API calls reducing)
changed: CommandLine handling (for informations see http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=228652)

added: scrape images for tv shows/seasons (episodes are not yet implemented)
fixed: request limit handling
fixed: crash if more than 40 search results was found (request limit issue)
changed: new API wrapper

fixed: crash on every second (re-)scrape
fixed: Select Image dialog does not shown images they are specified as AllSeasons

added: Sync of lastplayed date for episodes and movies in trakt.tv manager
added: comment support in trakt.tv manager to post new comments/reviews for movies on trakt.tv‏

removed: scraper is broken and out-of-date

removed: scraper is broken and out-of-date

Changelog (2015-05-21)

added: MoviesSet Sorting (sort movie by year or by name)
fixed: GetPrefered AllSeasons banner/poster
fixed: season/episode recognizing (with files like "simpsons_s01e01_s01e02.mkv")
fixed: Danish language file name
fixed: does not play movies wich are stored in folders with umlauts
changed: TVDB and Fanart.tv tv show image scraper has the same functions like movie image scrapers (sorting, enable/disable)

added: new image scraper
fixed: overlapping OK button in search results dialog

fixed: some issues with tv show renaming
changed: better default pattern for season and episode

[Media File Manager]
added: tv show compatibility
fixed: some issues

Changelog (2015-05-07)

added: TV Show Expert settings
added: Denmark ratings
added: MovieSet filter "Multiple Movies"
added: SortTitle for TV Shows
fixed: CommandLine scraping
fixed: error with split-episodes (the "value is not integer" bug)
fixed: YAMJ MovieSet NFO node
fixed: DisplaySeason/DisplayEpisode is removed after edit episode
fixed: many language and label issues
fixed: save/load season images for seasons without local episode files
fixed: season images are not recognized at first import
fixed: Movie Studio scraping and splitting after edit
improved: "Plot for Plot Outline" function
improved: image class handling, image settings and image select dialogs

fixed: works only after main tab has changed one time
fixed: file name is not trimmed in Manual Renamer
fixed: ToolStrip handling
fixed: missing episode VCodec and wrong AChannel pattern

Changelog (2015-04-12)

fixed: dialogs are displayed outside of screen if Ember is minimized
fixed: tv show image preview
fixed: "Reset Movie Filters"
fixed: "Reset Valid Video Ext"
fixed: read IMDB ID from folder or file name
fixed: Split-Episode support
fixed: episode subtitles scanning
fixed: Watched checmarks do not update in real time
fixed: sort movie list by "Sort Title"
fixed: Studio and Director labels does not display ampersand
fixed: German Forum URL
added: "Lock Audio / Video Language" for episodes
improved: startup process
improved: media list response
improved: search box is no longer blocked while loading media infos
removed: button "Get Online" tv show matching regex

[Media List Editor]
added: first release

added: Short Titles option (thx to Avi Buerno)

fixed: does not respect lock if use "Lock all"
fixed: do not use custom lists
fixed: Rating if decimal separator is comma

Changelog (2015-03-25)

fixed: episodes can not be renamed

fixed: bug while search movies on TMDB

fixed: no tv show list in exports

Changelog (2015-03-25)

fixed: CodecMapping is always converted to lowercase
fixed: ComboBox settings will not be saved after settings panel has changed
fixed: "Edit Actor" dialog size
fixed: bug with movie rating scraping
fixed: "Remove Movie from Disk"
fixed: confusing description of tv show reloading/refreshing
fixed: error with episode subtitles recognition/saving
fixed: "Clear All Cache" in tools menu (works now)
fixed: SQL error in "Movie Source" dialog
fixed: movie InfoPanel state after closing settings dialog
fixed: "Custom Scraper" New/Marked movies
fixed: movie/movieset/tvshow ID are not always trimmed after reading from NFOs
fixed: missing linktable cleaning in database
fixed: "Clean DB" does not remove all orphaned entries
fixed: "Clean DB" and "Clear All Cache" is not enabled if all lists are empty
added: option to disable "Image Select" dialog while single movie scraping
added: some checks to block editing/scraping if a movie/tv show/episode file/path is offline
added: option "Get Year from folder/file name" for movie sources
added: preferred tv show/season poster size "1000x1426"
added: more options for theming
added: a dark infopanel theme
added: "TMDB ID" to movie InfoPanel
added: new tv show regex system (based on Kodi regex system)
added: ability to add a custom rating string for not rated movies/tv shows
added: option "Use digit grouping symbol for Votes count" (based on Windows region settings)
added: field "Collection ID" to "Scrape Single Field" menu
added: DiscArt for MovieSets (as expert settings, MSAA does not support DiscArts)
added: new setting to add episode "Guest Stars" to actors list with role "Guest Star"
added: "Clear Cache" to tv show context menu
changed: replaced "Pref Movie(-Set) Banner Type" with "Banner Size"
removed: "Tags" from global movie scraper settings (we do not want support that)

fixed: renamer does not rename new movies/episodes
fixed: some issues in preview
fixed: $D and $F support for season/episode renamer
fixed: episode actor thumbs folder handling
added: "Reset" button for all pattern fields

[Apple Trailers]
fixed: no download possible if preferred quality is set to "All"

fixed: episode playcount synchronization
fixed: database traffic while syncing
added: option to disable "Progress" status (get information faster from Trakt.tv)

added: "Year" textbox to "Movie Search Results" dialog

added: option to scrape episode "Guest Stars"

fixed: some issues with new database

Changelog (2015-03-05)

fixed: dialogs/windows size
fixed: DTS-MA and DTS-HRA identification
fixed: refresh tv show does not refresh seasons
added: <tag> manager

fixed: image downloading on new tv show

[Tag Manager]
added: first release

fixed: plot and outline scraping

fixed: files will not be renamed while scraping if not NFO scraping is active in the current scraping process
added: patter to control season/episode number padding

Changelog (2015-03-03)

fixed: dialogs/windows are displayed in the wrong screen

fixed: BulkRenamer does not load movies
fixed: BulkRenamerdoes not use media list filters

Changelog (2015-03-02)

fixed: episode file names with "720p" will be recognize as s7e20
fixed: episode regex issues (partially fixed)
fixed: seasons are partially lost after scraping
fixed: loading movies from DB in "Edit MovieSet" window is not possible
added: Video/Audio informations to Movie Export CVS

fixed: plot and outline scraping

fixed: renamer does not work
fixed: manual episode rename dialog
added: $2 tag for Aired date (episode only)

Changelog Beta (2015-02-26)

added: possibility to scrape additional images for tv shows/seasons (CharacterArt, ClearArt, ClearLogo, Landscape)
added: possibility to reorder/hide all list columns in main window
added: possibility to hide language flags in main window
added: VideoSource for episodes
added: subtitle recognizing for episodes
added: filter "_[->] " to default movie filter list (to replace _ with space)
added: all HD formats can be downloaded from YouTube (also 1080p and 4K)
added: new episode regex to recognize files like "ep_102.ext" (same rules like Kodi)
added: new episode regex to recognize files by aired date like "ep_2015-02-25.ext" and "ep_25-02-2015.ext" (same rules like Kodi)
added: new episode ordering "Day-Of-Year" (very special solution for Pr.Sinister ;-), 2015-01-01 = Season 2015 EP 1, 2015-12-31 = Season 2015 EP 365)
added: display episodes by season/episode number or aired date (displays "Aired Date" instead of season/episode #)
added: "* All Seasons" display season and episode # in episode list
added: scrape MovieSets by current filters
added: new filter "New Episode" to filter tv show list to tv shows with new episodes after DB update
added: more options to filter year to main movie filter
added: missing entries in "Update Single Data Field" (Actors, Genres, Original Title, Runtime)
added: missing image type in main window (Banner, CharacterArt, ClearLogo, DiscArt)
added: change Watched state for hole tv show/season
added: buttons to reset Movie/MovieSet/TV sort tokens
added: german articles to default sort tokens lists
added: display number of episodes in tv show and seasons lists
fixed: can't read tvshow.nfo's with new Kodi <episodeguide> node
fixed: Outline shorting (now Outline is always cutted on the end of a sentence)
fixed: missing episode handling
fixed: rating is rounded if no vaotes are available
fixed: displaying wrong rating and votes in main window
fixed: NFO will not be writen after "MetaData Only" scraping
fixed: episodes with same episode number (now it's possible to add more than one episode with same episode number)
fixed: get year from directory/file name (the year does not have to be in brackets)
fixed: "Display Year" in movie list does not work for inital listing
fixed: "Use Plot for Outline"
fixed: Movie/MovieSet count flickering in main window
fixed: "Refresh Movie/MovieSet/TV Show/Season/Episode" handling
fixed: prefered trailer handling
fixed: image size labels in "Edit TV Show" dialog
fixed: displaying wrong MPAA flag in main window
fixed: new dialogs are displayed on wrong monitor
fixed: YouTube trailer downloading
fixed: theme downloading
fixed: select theme dialog
fixed: actors ordering numbers in NFO
fixed: empty NFO nodes will be written to NFO
fixed: TVDB info file downloading
fixed: tv show image caching
fixed: MovieSets MissingItem scraping
fixed: MovieSets can't be marked
fixed: Movie/MovieSet/TV Show lists and info reloading after DB update/cleaning
fixed: image preview resizing
fixed: refresh movie/episode does not remove no longer available movies/episodes
fixed: "Change Movie (Auto)" does not remove old images/theme/trailer
changed: optimized DB
changed: Audio/Video Codec Mapping from regex to string comparison
changed: Ember tries to load local actor thumb images instead of fetching URLs
changed: moved "Missing Items" settings to filter panels
changed: removed VLC from main code (VLC is now available as separate module and can be enabled or disabled)
changed: set TelevisionTunes as new default theme scraper for movies
changed: default Extrafanarts Limit to 4
changed: display tv show path in main window instead of tv show name
removed: "Overwrite English Plot/Outline"

added: image scraper for tv shows

fixed: theme scraping

added: first release

added: first release

fixed: "Guest Stars" are listed as "Credits(Writer)"
changed: reduced the time to scrape tv shows

fixed: scraper does ignore the movie year while searching
fixed: scraper does not display search result if only "Videos" where be found
removed: image scraper (only crappy images without the possibility to filter them)

fixed: Credits(Writer) scraping (now same results like in Kodi)
fixed: Landscape size information
fixed: issue while searching movie if "Year" is empty

changed: improved match rate

fixed: MoviePilot scraping

changed: upgraded to trakt.tv v2API
added: sync watchlist tab for syncing trakt.tv watchlist with watched movies in Ember
added: userlist explorer
fixed: movie/episode watched state syncing
added: send rating of movies to trakt.tv account
added: sync trakt.tv lists

added: episode renamer (beta)
added: "Rename after edit movie/episode"
added: "Rename episodes after DB update"
added: preview in module settings
fixed: some issues in Bulk Renamer dialog

Changelog Version 4 Beta (2014-12-01)

fixed: rating and votes in main window
fixed: NFO is not created after MetaData scraping

fixed: rating and votes

Changelog Version 2 Beta (2014-11-27)

fixed: Crash in Install Wizard after language change

Changelog Beta (2014-11-27)

added: MovieList custom sorting (beta)
added: TV Show Extrafanarts settings
added: backgroundworker for movie posters in moviesets
added: expert settings for moviesets
added: "Change Movie (Auto)" (scrapes all images images automatically after movie change)
added: "Exclude TV Source from library update"
added: votes count for tv shows and episodes
added: filenames in Edit Movie and Episode dialog
added: Audio and Subtitle languages flags with full stream informations in main window
added: "Part of a MovieSet" column in main window
added: "Rewrite all Movie Content"
added: change Episode watched state by clicking watched column
added: "Detailed Scraper preview" support while single field scraping
added: MovieSet NFO support (not yet supportet by MovieSetArtworkAutomator)
added: English and German Forum links to Help menu
fixed: image resizing
fixed: some data scraper issues
fixed: MPAA/Certification handling
fixed: error while closing "Edit TV Show" dialog
fixed: TV Show MPAA can't set to empty
fixed: season text if used year as season number
fixed: titles in YouTube trailer search results
fixed: Fanart Backdrops settings
fixed: Bitrate "0" issue
fixed: crash after deleting images in tv image select dialog
fixed: icon shifting in settings dialog
fixed: FileSorter do not use setted filenames
fixed: Settings dialog size on small displays
fixed: Title/OriginalTitle handling in main windows
fixed: Playcount/Watched state is not writen to NFO after change with context menu
fixed: Ratings in main window are not rounded
fixed: "Missing Episodes" are gone after rescraping a single season (partially fixed, still does not work with "*All Seasons" entry
fixed: Genre settings are not saved
changed: completely revised Setting dialog for better sizing, scrolling and prevent label overlapping
changed: "Excluded" sources now are gray in update database submenu
changed: temporarily disabled "New Movie" and "New Episode" notifications to prevent crash
changed: Tools menu items handling
changed: display best audio of selected language in main window (if this option is enabled in settings)
changed: revised all main filter panels
removed: all fixed audio and video codec conversion
removed: quality settings for images
removed: option "Use Outline for Plot if Plot is empty"

added: TeraCopy support to copy and move movies (beta)

fixed: VideoSource bug
fixed: Subtitles paths are not updated after renaming
fixed: Renamer fills OriginalTitle even if it the same like title
fixed: BulkRenamer adds too many "tt" to IMDB-ID
changed: BulkRenamer use MovieList filter

fixed: some issues
changed: completely revised for faster scraping

added: more "Force Title Languages"

fixed: some issues
changed: completely revised for faster scraping

Changelog Beta (2014-10-26)

added: "Original Title" field to custom scraper
added: "Data Field" to movie list filter
added: "Movies in Set" poster list (need a little bit longer to load, we add a background worker later)
added: UK and Germany tv show rating list (not possible to scrape, but you can set the rating manually in "Edit Show" dialog) (delete .\Ember Media Manager\Settings\Ratings.xml to get the new list)
fixed: "Video Source/File Source" confusion (Video Source = dvd, bluray... / File Source = Source)
fixed: MediaInfo codec mapping (mpeg4 bug) (reload codec mapping in settings to get a proper info)
fixed: movie list data field refreshing after scraping/editing
fixed: "Missing" filter checkbox control
fixed: tv show rating in "Edit Show" dialog

fixed: trailer scraper

changed: IMDB ID manually input is blocked while searching

Changelog Beta (2014-10-21)

fixed: clean <id> node in NFOs for YAMJ
fixed: DB error with episodes embedded subtitles
fixed: crash on ThemeSelect
fixed: missing "PlaycountSpecified" and "TMDBSpecified" (if empty, the nodes will no longer writed to NFO)
fixed: missing "Not Watched" text in episode context menu
changed: disabled "Watched" for tv show and season context menu (does not work atm)
updated: MediaInfo.dll to latest version 0.7.70

fixed: error if field isNothing

fixed: SearchResult does not always show a poster

Changelog Beta (2014-10-18)

fixed: fixed data scraper while change/search movie

Changelog Beta (2014-10-18)

fixed: bug with MovieSet (reload all movies to fix existing and wrong sets)
fixed: error while "Reload all MovieSets"
fixed: missing movie list sorting after first start
fixed: movie/movieset list does not refresh title for search bar
fixed: FileInfo and StreamEditor
added: external Subtitles preview in Edit Movie dialog (only preview works)
added: filter "Only one Movie" to MovieSet filter

Changelog Beta (2014-10-17)

fixed: issue with episode recognising

Changelog Beta (2014-10-17)

added: MovieSet title renamer (auto rename titles like "Hangover Reihe" to "Hangover Collection")
added: missing icons for sd video sources
added: more video sources
added: clean MovieSet DB on update
added: delete images with MovieSets
added: filters for MovieSets
added: filters for TV Shows (beta)
added: search bar for MovieSets
added: search bar for TV Shows
added: exclude directories (you can add directories who will be completely ignored by Ember)
added: search bar in Edit MovieSet dialog
added: key sensitive movie list in Edit MovieSet dialog
added: setting to set the release date in US format (yyyy-mm-dd)
added: more settings for MovieSets
added: missing locks
added: scrape global episode runtime for tv shows from TVDB
added: runtime in tv show and episode NFO
added: use Show Runtime for Episodes if no Episode Runtime can be found
added: a Movie source can set as "exclude from DB update" like in XBMC
added: filter "Country" to Movie filters
added: [none] to genre filter to find movies/tv shows without genre
added: ListTile and sort tokens for tv shows
added: "Cleanup disabled fields" for movie scraper
added: HD-Trailers.net and Davestrailerpage.com as additional trailer scrapers
added: "* All Seasons" to season list
added: "Display Image Names" for main window (like "ClearArt", "Landscape")
added: XBMC <StereoMode> tag in NFO
added: full MKV 3D support
added: better external subtitles support (in movie folder and "subs" subfolder)
added: "Original Title" as separate data scraper option
added: MovieSet images renaming if movieset title has changed
fixed: missing items scraping ("All Items" isn't available at the moment)
fixed: MovieSet info panel height
fixed: Ember wants restart while DB update after cloding settings dialog
fixed: rating stars color for disabled stars
fixed: MPAA/Certification handling
fixed: Settings dialog is not sizable
fixed: "Remove MovieSet images with MovieSet" to cleanup images from deleted MovieSets
fixed: theme scraper in Edit Movie dialog
fixed: delete existing trailers/themes
fixed: some issues in main menu
fixed: extrathumbs, extrafanarts and actorthumbs handling in Edit Movie dialog
fixed: all missing/wrong "Expert Settings" for movie
changed: Movie data scraper handling (now the first scraper in settings has the highest priority)
changed: list sorting in movie list or filter will be saved and restored while DB-update, changed settings or Ember restart
changed: Country and Studio are now saved in multiple NFO tags for each entry
changed: trailer preview buttons logic in Edit Movie dialog
changed: trailer logic
removed: old MovieSets manager
removed: Czech language (broken)

added: MovieSet name tag
fixed: bugs with special characters
fixed: many other bugs

fixed: MovieSet scraper get random images if no TMDBCOlID is available
changed: API logic (now it's possible to change settings without restart)

added: private API key handling
changed: API logic (now it's possible to change settings without restart)

fixed: wrong runtime scraping
fixed: wrong votes scraping

fixed: theme scraping

Changelog 1.4.x Beta (2014-09-05)

fixed: a part of extrathumbs/extrafanarts in expert settings (not really finished)
added: custom markers to filter

fixed: issues with folders

Changelog 1.4.x Beta (2014-08-26)

fixed: VideoSource handling in NFO
fixed: some MovieSet issues
fixed: key pressing in lists will be stopped by Sub LoadMovie/MovieSet/Show/Season/Episode (now timer is 2sec after each key you press)

Changelog 1.4.x Beta (2014-08-25)

fixed: some issues with AdvancedSettings.xml
fixed: MovieSources, Audio Video Codec Mapping
added: "Reload Default" buttons for Audio Video Codec Mapping

Changelog 1.4.x Beta (2014-08-24)

fixed: language issue
fixed: Default xml are moved instead of copied
added: MovieSet settings to InstallWizard
changed: no notification on new movie/episode

Changelog 1.4.x Beta (2014-08-23)

added: -tvupdate to command line starting
added: new movieset management with extra tab
added: auto scraper for moviesets
added: new "DateAdded" options (same like in XBMC: now, ctime, mtime, from NFO)
added: "DateAdded" field for movie and episode NFO
added: 4 additional custom markers for movie list with adjustable colors and names
added: "Collection" (TMDB collection ID's) for NFO
added: option to activate "Scrape image on right mouse double click" in main window
added: more fields to "Update Single Field"
added: language and ordering can now be set individually for each tv show source
added: default search parameter for search on Youtube (search field is auto filled with "moviename {parameter}" like "Avatar trailer german")
added: new fields and image types to custom scraper
added: "None" buttons in custom scraper
added: export movies/tv shows list to XML
added: new fields for furturer 3D support
added: more image previews in main window (we need a better concept for more/all image previews)
fixed: not all content is recognize on DB update
fixed: command line starting
fixed: trailer downloading
fixed: tariler download process bar
fixed: prefered and minimun trailer quality
fixed: XBMC YouTube addon trailer link compatibility
fixed: movie certification languages (now in "MovieCertLanguages.xml", you can add own languages)
fixed: image tabs in "Edit Movie/MovieSet" are no longer displayed if a image type is not activated in settings
fixed: image scrolling in image select dialog (now it's smooth and without jumping anymore)
fixed: search on YouTube (trailers)
fixed: tv rating region
fixed: some tv languages issues
fixed: episode poster prefered size
fixed: some MediaInfo issues
fixed: list size while first start
fixed: some "Movie Expert Settings" issues
fixed: Boxee tv show ID
changed: TVDB scraper downloads new informations automatically if no info is precached for a new episode
changed: removed Adobe Flash plugin (now we use VLC for trailer and theme previews)
changed: new trailer preview dialog
changed: rating from 5 to 10 stars
changed: new internal modules handling
changed: new internal XML serialization
removed: NMT and MediaBrower modules (we will rework this later)
removed: YAMJ module (now fully supported in Ember)
removed: Boxee module (now fully supported in Ember)

fixed: works now on auto and manually scraping
fixed: errors with rating
added: new parameters (audio & video codec, channels and more...)

[TMDB data scraper]
added: different settings for movies and moviesets
added: get "Collection" ID of a movie
added: data scraper for moviesets
fixed: genre limit

[IMDB data scraper]
fixed: genre limit
fixed: release date

[OFDB data scraper]
added: FSK scraping

[TMDB image scraper]
added: different settings for movies and moviesets
added: display only preferend language images
added: also display english images
added: also blank english images
added: image scraper for moviesets

[IMDB image scraper]
added: different settings for movies and moviesets

[Fanart.tv image scraper]
fixed: URL's for image preview
added: different settings for movies and moviesets
added: display only preferend language images
added: also display english images
added: also blank english images
added: image scraper for moviesets

[IMDB trailer scraper]
fixed: works again

[Apple trailer scraper]
added: new Apple trailer scraper

[TVDB data scraper]
fixed: DisplayEpisode and DisplaySeason #

RE: Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA (Download & Changelog) Latest: 2014-05-07 - DanCooper - 2014-05-09

New beta release online.

Changelog 1.4.x Beta (09.05.2014)

fixed: error in bulkrenamer if movie rating is emtpy
fixed: custom scraper cannot be started
fixed: YouTube trailer XBMC compatibility whit hd trailers
fixed: theme/trailer enabled/disabled check

RE: Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA (Download & Changelog) Latest: (2014-10-17) - DanCooper - 2014-10-17

New release (2014-10-17) is online!

RE: Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA (Download & Changelog) Latest: (2014-10-17) - DanCooper - 2014-10-17

New release (2014-10-17) is online!

RE: Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA - Download & Changelog - Latest: (2014-10-18) - DanCooper - 2014-10-18

New release (2014-10-18) is online!

Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA - Download & Changelog - Latest: (2014-10-21) - DanCooper - 2014-10-21

New release (2014-10-21) is online!

RE: Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA - Download & Changelog - Latest: (2014-10-26) - DanCooper - 2014-10-26

New release (2014-10-26) is online!

RE: Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA - Download & Changelog - Latest: (2014-11-27) - DanCooper - 2014-11-27

New release (2014-11-27) is online!

RE: Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA - Download & Changelog - Latest: (2014-11-27) - DanCooper - 2014-11-27

New release Version 2 (2014-11-27) is online!

RE: Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA - Download & Changelog - Latest: (2014-12-01) - DanCooper - 2014-12-01

New release Version 4 (2014-12-01) is online!

RE: Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA - Download & Changelog - Latest: (2015-02-26) - DanCooper - 2015-02-26

New release (2015-02-26) is online!

RE: Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA - Download & Changelog - Latest: (2015-02-27) - DanCooper - 2015-02-27

New release Version 2 (2015-02-27) is online!

RE: Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA - DL & Changelog - Latest: (2015-03-02) - DanCooper - 2015-03-02

New release (2015-03-02) is online!

I hope this will be fix the most importent bugs in version
Please read the hints in download thread to get back your proper DB.

RE: Ember Media Manager 1.4.x BETA - DL & Changelog - Latest: (2015-03-05) - DanCooper - 2015-03-06

New release (2015-03-05) is online!

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