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Conq - Gotham - Hitcher - 2014-04-25

I like to keep track of any new skins being developed for all types of media players and Conq caught my eye on the Plex forums recently; so I reached and got permission to port it to XBMC.

It's only taken me a month but is fully working.

watch gallery

Available now from my repo or the skin development repo.

Donations for Conq gratefully accepted.


Many thanks.

RE: Conq - nooryani84 - 2014-04-25

You are a skinning god Smile

Edit: It's not downloading from your repo. I'm on Gotham Beta 4


Well I'm not an expert, but looking at the logs the current URL doesn't function: http://hitcher-repo.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/skin.Conq/skin.Conq-0.9.0.zip

It does work if I switch "skin.Conq/skin.Conq-0.9.0.zip" part at the end of the url to all lower-case: http://hitcher-repo.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/skin.conq/skin.conq-0.9.0.zip

RE: Conq - Hitcher - 2014-04-25

I see the problem, bumping version.

RE: Conq - mortstar - 2014-04-25

You sly fox.

Just when you thought you were out...they pull you back in.

RE: Conq - FREAKJAM - 2014-04-26

Very clean. Textures are messed up it seems when using latest Gotham nightly (25th of april).
It's using textures from any previous skin I used. (both Aeon MQ and Alaska in my case)


RE: Conq - jmarshall - 2014-04-26

@FREAKJAM: That looks like a hardware issue more than anything?

The skin works fine here.

RE: Conq - Scott00007 - 2014-04-26

This is a fantastic skin!!!

A lot of customization options are missing though...I would love to see what a skilled skinner could do with this.

RE: Conq - removed151214 - 2014-04-26

(2014-04-26, 04:30)Scott00007 Wrote: This is a fantastic skin!!!

A lot of customization options are missing though...I would love to see what a skilled skinner could do with this.

Lol, are you you seriously suggesting Hitcher isn't one of the top 5 skinners XBMC has yet seen??

RE: Conq - username145 - 2014-04-26

(2014-04-25, 22:37)Hitcher Wrote: No requests please.

Other than Live TV, right? Tongue

Looks fantastic

RE: Conq - iAMl3dgend - 2014-04-26

WOW Very nice Hitcher. the only thing this sleek skin needs is custom items for home other then that its just great Big Grin

just a quick little request can you change the watched icon to a tick? its just the square is kinda stupid.

RE: Conq - fabiomello - 2014-04-26

awesome!. this skin is truly a breath of fresh air.
it's very nice to see you still making skins Smile

RE: Conq - Piers - 2014-04-26

Nice looking skin, and you're using my Hannibal cover artwork from tvdb :p

RE: Conq - cnkhondo - 2014-04-26

Amazing skin, love the simplicity. Mind me asking. What is the url for your repo?

RE: Conq - da-anda - 2014-04-26

check his signature Wink

RE: Conq - haicaoboi87 - 2014-04-26

the skin is really greats, but i can't find an exit option ?
and a suggestions, can you make a global search in home menu ?

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