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Clean and simple setup - futuro - 2014-04-28

My setup:

TV: 55" Samsung le55c650
HTPC: u-paq core i5 PC(completely silent as no fans), TechniSat SkyStar USB 2 HD CI
Software: Windows 8.1, XBMC 13 Gotham, DVBviewer (as backend for Live TV)
Speakers: Wireless 5.1 sound with Sonos Playbar, Sonos Sub, 2x Sonos Play1 and Sonos Bridge
Remote: Logitech Harmony 700, Logitech dinovo mini
Storage: QNAP NAS with 2x 2TB Western Digital Green and Synology NAS with 4x 3TB Western Digital Red
Gaming: xbox 360

Here some pics:

watch gallery

RE: Clean and simple setup - mprassel - 2014-04-28

That is a beautiful setup futuro! What skin is that?

Love Sonos!

RE: Clean and simple setup - futuro - 2014-04-28

Thanks mprassel and yes, I love Sonos as well. Sound is great and as everything is wireless you don't have any ugly wires and you can move the speakers almost whereever you want (even outside to have some nice music outside while you are chilling in the garden).

The skin is Eminence by Jurialmunkey (with a custom wallpaper). You can find the skin here:

RE: Clean and simple setup - K3vdizzle - 2014-04-29

Very nice and very simple. Curious to know how the u-paq handles the heat being on top of the 360?

RE: Clean and simple setup - futuro - 2014-04-29

You are right, the heat coming from the xbox is a problem. Honestly the xbox is not really in use at the moment as I have no time for gaming and my kids are still too young... probabaly need to move the xbox to another place or have to buy a new games console once my kids are old enough Wink

RE: Clean and simple setup - ahmed. - 2014-10-27

It is a very clean and roomy setup but doesn't the xbox 360 get kind of hot and doesn't the heat affect the stuff you have stacked on top of it?

RE: Clean and simple setup - customx86 - 2014-11-06

Nailed it! Nod

Great house and HTPC setup.

RE: Clean and simple setup - docwra - 2014-11-20

Love the floating TV stand!

Very Scandinavian!

RE: Clean and simple setup - jayzirl - 2014-11-29

Very nice setup, can i ask where did you buy the u-paq?

RE: Clean and simple setup - futuro - 2014-11-29

Hi jayzirl, unfortunately, the company from which I bought the u-paq seems to be not existing anymore. However, there are many vendors for fanless PCs. My next HTPC likely will be an Intel NUC. Maybe something lie this:


RE: Clean and simple setup - shaned - 2014-12-15

Hi ,

Hope you don't mind me asking , but where did you buy your wall hung tv unit form ?

RE: Clean and simple setup - MaxCore - 2014-12-15

very nice clean setup ! i love it

RE: Clean and simple setup - futuro - 2014-12-15

@MaxCore: We bought it at a local furniture store here in Germany that doesn't sell over the internet...

RE: Clean and simple setup - tipperjones - 2014-12-19

Hello futuro

Please can you tell me about your setup. I see that you are using SONOS speakers, is one of them hard wired to your PC?

What audio player are you using, is it PAPlayer, SONOS addon or anb external player?

thank you


RE: Clean and simple setup - j1nx - 2014-12-22

Am I the only one that want to see more of the house?

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