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Connection Issue - Sdpbc - 2014-05-06

Hey guys,

Have been using Yatze (which works fine) but wanted to try this remote. However, I can't seem to get it to connect at all. I've ensured the settings are correct in xbmc (allow control via HTTP, allow programs to control xbmc, etc) and ensured the IP address and port (80) are the same.

But I just get "Error while Connecting to XBMC. Please check configuration. XBMC should be configured to allow control of XBMC via HTTP" errors. I've gone to my computer and android phone and both connect to the IP address, and I can use the remote functionality on the web server itself when the XBMC page pops up.

Also, it is working fine with Yatze, so I'd assume the same settings would work for this remote.

Amy I missing something obvious?


BTW, I'm on 12.2 and running it on a Pivos box.