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XBMC with MediaBrowser Server - kreeturez - 2014-05-28

Released a few months back, MediaBrowser3 has been a pretty impressive supplement to XBMC for users that need transcoding to access their libraries on mobile devices (or from PC when away from their home network). It also does a rather nice job of remote centralized library management.

All the 1st-party development - from the server application, to the web front-end, to the Windows 'theater' application - is fully open source and very actively maintained. It's amassed a pretty impressive following (in both userbase and development team); and is popular as a back-end to XBMC via the awesome XBMB3C add-on for XBMC (available in the official XBMC repo) - and I can attest first-hand that this combination is extremely satisfying for those of us XBMC-lovers still needing on-the-go media access without having to resort to other closed-source projects.

Of course with projects like OpenELEC and hardware like the Raspberry Pi around, lower powered devices have proven to make for great HTPCs - but their lack of power makes the Python interpreting required by XBMB3C relatively sluggish, especially on the Pi.

Would there be any interest around here for an adaptation of XBMC for use with the MediaBrowser server? Kind of like PHT (which, fortunately, happens to be fully open source - source available here) - even if said adaption was just grafting PHT to the MediaBrowser server application? Since the server is 100% open source (and is really easy to interface with) - and has a Linux port already in alpha - I suspect that this might be less of a challenge then it might appear? PHT has already been grafted to OpenELEC quite successfully so a fair share of the ground-work is already in place...

I can't help but think that this would massively benefit both the XBMC and MB communities which currently share a lot of users - and also share a lot of their ideology (especially an almost-abnormal love of coding, media and open source!).

Any thoughts from our dev community?

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