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RE: [MYSQL] HOW-TO: 5 User XBMC - maikito26 - 2014-09-15

(2014-09-14, 13:21)N4TH4N Wrote: It will NOT include a family profile. Sorry, but it does not work as we hoped.

Cool. Thanks for the effort dude. Could you give a quick summary about the trouble you ran into? I've met some SQL guys at work and I'm going to bug them to help me out but if I could get a quick background on what you tried, observed and what have you, I could talk more intelligently with them about the problem.


RE: [MYSQL] HOW-TO: 5 User XBMC - schumi2004 - 2014-10-01

(2014-09-14, 13:21)N4TH4N Wrote: UPDATE: Now that Helix has hit feature freeze ill start developing a new script.

It will NOT include a family profile. Sorry, but it does not work as we hoped.

It was a great idea/concept but for now will remain as an idea. If any other developers want to try, be my guest.

Also from now on scripts will be Windows only. Linux/Mac users will need to run the scripts on Windows and copy/paste the XBMC data folder.
Not to push you but did you made any progress for the Helix version?
Or can you explain how to upgrade database?

If wanted i can try to find the differences in database code?

RE: [MYSQL] HOW-TO: 5 User XBMC - bmac88 - 2014-10-02

Well I tried the script on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS box, skipping step 3a because I had an existing database. I pasted the the xbmc-sql-setup.txt in step 3b using the terminal sql client then ran the xbmc-client-setup.sh script from 3c. I set up 3 users and left 4 and 5 blank. I copied the relevant .xml files (sources/passwords) back from the .xbmc_backup userdata folder into the new userdata folder.

I ran XBMC and the users were all there, my original watched statuses were all intact. I went to profile "b", and the same watched statuses were there. I checked a few new items off as watched. Went back to my profile "a" and the new items I had checked off as watched in "b" were checked off in "a". I produced the same result using c, d, and e. All the watched statuses were linked still.

I tried it all over again using the backup of the SQL database and the same result happened. I will have to try with a fresh database, which I really don't want to do, but I'll see what result I get...

RE: [MYSQL] HOW-TO: 5 User XBMC - bmac88 - 2014-10-04

OK so I completely removed (purged, and manually deleted configuration files) mysql server, client, xbmc and started fresh as if I've never run any of the applications before

I ran the scripts step by step in order of the guide, which included starting with the Master Server Tutorial in step 2. After running the xbmc-server.setup.sh, this time I ran the query using HeidiSQL Portable This seemed to have a different effect than running the query through the terminal SQL client (mysql -uroot -p). Using terminal, there were 0 affected rows, but running the query through HeidiSQL, the result was this:

/* Affected rows: 8 Found rows: 0 Warnings: 0 Duration for 284 queries: 3.791 sec. */

Other than the different SQL client, I ran the SQL query while logged in as the xbmc/xbmc user because I couldn't log in as root with HeidiSQL.

I finished off with the xbmc-client-setup.sh script, creating three users again. I then went into XBMC and added one TV show as a new source on its own (Firefly). I added it through a SMB share as I usually do (entering the password and telling XBMC to remember the password). I refreshed and it scraped the info from TVDB...

The TV Show shows up under all of the profiles as expected, but when marking it as watched in one profile, the status is replicated over all the profiles. I suspect it's something to do with the SQL part of it, or maybe the profiles.xml? I've done this several times now but always the same result of shared watched statuses.

I have tried adding the source as a local path (instead of SMB share w/ password) and it produced the same result.

N4TH4N, do you have some input on this?

RE: [MYSQL] HOW-TO: 5 User XBMC - N4TH4N - 2014-10-06

@bmac88: The linux script has been removed as it was not working properly, its now windows only (which works fine). The current SQL script is SOLID, if there are problems it always comes down to the client setup.

@maikito26: Sorry, but i don't have the time to collaborate with anyone to add new features as i got a new job that requires much more of my time. I attempted to use SQL triggers to update extra databases for use with family profiles, etc. But after spending much time trying to get it to work i scrapped it in the too hard basket. Theres no point working on 13.2 anymore as 14 is just around the corner. If i get time in the future i may revisit the idea.

@schumi2004: I have started my process of making the SQL upgrade script, so far i have identified changes from MyVideos78 to MyVideos89 (the default databases) and now am working backwards in identifying what ill need to change to update our a78, b78, etc. databases to a89, b89, etc. But as i have stated earlier i'm not a person who needs to run the most up to date versions (alpha, beta). I prefer stability which is why ill personally stay on 13.2 until 14 is released. I'll pm you the upgrade script when its ready to do some extra testing before i release it in this thread if thats ok.


1. Create SQL upgrade script from 13 to 14 (Existing users).
2. Create SQL script for 14 (New users).
3. Create updated Windows client and server scripts.
4. Documentation of what the script does so people having problems can diagnose each step.

[MYSQL] HOW-TO: 5 User XBMC - Steini - 2014-10-09

Awesome. Really thankful that you are working on a update for Helix.

RE: [MYSQL] HOW-TO: 5 User XBMC - fnc1 - 2014-10-18

I have no need for multiple users. But I use MySQL on my server on my setup - and enjoying seeing this type of thing. Well done

[MYSQL] HOW-TO: 5 User XBMC - Steini - 2014-12-02

(2014-10-06, 15:44)N4TH4N Wrote: PLAN:

1. Create SQL upgrade script from 13 to 14 (Existing users).
2. Create SQL script for 14 (New users).
3. Create updated Windows client and server scripts.
4. Documentation of what the script does so people having problems can diagnose each step.

Any news about part nr 1?

RE: [MYSQL] HOW-TO: 5 User XBMC - Bohemi - 2014-12-04

Hi N4TH4N, I am running this setup now for a few weeks and this is a great solution, the family really likes this advantage of different profiles shared throughout the house.
Is there any expectation that openelec or xbmcbuntu clients will be able to use this setup in the near future? At this moment I can only link openelec clients to the main profile in this setup of a "windows" server. But this is in line with your last comment that it's Windows only currently.

[MYSQL] HOW-TO: 5 User XBMC - Steini - 2014-12-05

Working fine with openelec over here. Android, arch Linux and iOS even. What does not work for you? you just need to manually edit advancedsettings.xml for the different profiles

RE: [MYSQL] HOW-TO: 5 User XBMC - raphibb - 2014-12-06

You can download the latest Gotham v13 version from xbmc.org. If you have an older version of XBMC, such as Eden v11 or Frodo v12, you can simply install the new version over the old one. Your settings and media library should be preserved during an upgrade.
The XBMC Media Center is a truly multi device platform, and it can be ran on many different hardware.

sony xperia z3 hülle

RE: [MYSQL] HOW-TO: 5 User XBMC - maiandros - 2014-12-08

Ok...It's awkward...I'm trying to bring back my movie collection which i have saved just before proceeding with the tutorial but nothing happens! Any idea on how can i restore it?
I`ve used Settings -> Video Settings -> Library -> Import video library.
Btw...loooking at my advancedsettings.xml it`s pointing only at mysql...
something like that :

Is it normal?

RE: [MYSQL] HOW-TO: 5 User XBMC - judocama - 2014-12-15

I have a Mac Ox Yosemite and smbup in a kodi latest version.
I have installec mysql latest versión and have made the first part of the wiki tutorial.
But now I am stopped... in the second part of tutorial. Really I don´t know why I have installed mysql if I have smb shares.
Default I have shared the volumes directory of my Mac . I must also share folder Kodi , but I don´t know how.
Can someone help me ? I've been I stuck at it. Of course I'm a newbie.

Thanks in advance.

RE: [MYSQL] HOW-TO: 5 User XBMC - Speed... - 2014-12-25

(2014-10-06, 15:44)N4TH4N Wrote: 1. Create SQL upgrade script from 13 to 14 (Existing users).
2. Create SQL script for 14 (New users).
3. Create updated Windows client and server scripts.
4. Documentation of what the script does so people having problems can diagnose each step.

Some update on point 1 Smile

RE: [MYSQL] HOW-TO: 5 User XBMC - Ballistic - 2014-12-30

Hi N4TH4N,

I have been using your SQL code for a while now for more then 10 users but lately i have noticed that some content is marked as watched for unknown reason. Maybe somehow the checks get crossed between the accounts somehow.

Since i am not really a SQL expert, could you maybe explain how the watched checks are processed so i can dig a little deeper myself?

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