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Toonjet - Wally25 - 2014-12-28



What it is: http://www.toonjet.com
Welcome to ToonJet, your first-class ticket to watch free online cartoons! ToonJet has now taken flight, and there are many, many cartoons to download and watch

  • Links to Youtube Channel for listing all videos. http://www.youtube.com/ToonJetOfficial
  • Support to set Viwemodes for current skin or any custom viewmode under settings. Supports all skins as of 2015-02-20.
  • Add-To / View Playlist via Context Menu.
  • All HTTP Resources are cached localy for speed improvements, allowing for HTTP 304 not modified support.
  • Any HTTP Resource can be forced refreshed via Context Menu.
  • Also list by Highest Rated and and Most Viewed.
Tested with Helix on:
Windows, Linux

This add-on can be found in the official kodi.tv add-on repository.
This add-on can also be downloaded from my Git Repo.

Version 2.0.0 2015-02-20
- Fix forum url in addon.xml
- Removed download support
- Changed to use the YouTube V3 API
- Changed to auto select content type
- Changed to auto select sort methods
- Changed settings.xml to use new methods for setting view mode
- Switch to using with statement
- Some small method renames

Source Code: https://github.com/willforde/plugin.video.toonjet
Note If you get error "Dependencies not met". You may need to install the latest script.module.xbmcutil addon.

RE: Toonjet - peppe_sr - 2014-12-28

Great addon.

RE: Toonjet - Wally25 - 2015-02-21

Add-on has been updated to add a small few features and some bug fixes. And some speed improvements as well.
P.S. I am always looking for ways to improve this add-on if anyone has any suggestions.

RE: Toonjet - peppe_sr - 2015-02-21

thumbnails have a really low resolution, no way to increase quality?

RE: Toonjet - peppe_sr - 2015-02-22

just updated manually from your repo and the addon give me: url errore, decompression error.
here part of my log with the error:
any idea?

RE: Toonjet - Wally25 - 2015-02-22

Thank you so much for that debug log. I found the problem. Big oops on my part. I had to change the X-Cache to X-Local-Cache flag to fix a problem when using a proxy caching server.
The problem is that anyone that still has a valid cache will have that error.

It can be quickly fixed by deleting the plugin.video.toonjet userdata folder. /Kodi/userdata/addon_data.
For you it should be be C:\Users\Peppe\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\addon_data\plugin.video.toonjet
I will hopefully have a updated script.module.xbmcutil addon for later today that will fix this bug.

P.S. I have added some local high res images to replace the low quality ones from the site. For now the update can been got from here. v2.0.1

RE: Toonjet - peppe_sr - 2015-02-22

same problem.....
thanks for hi res images.

RE: Toonjet - Wally25 - 2015-02-22

I have update the back-end scripts that I believe was causing the problem. Below is the link to the git hub page where you can download the update. v3.0.1

Please let me know how it goes as this bug effects all my add-ons. Thanks.

RE: Toonjet - peppe_sr - 2015-02-22

ok mate, it is working now.

RE: Toonjet - Wally25 - 2015-02-22

Thanks for the testing. I have just submitted the update to the official repository.

RE: Toonjet - petewilson - 2015-04-27

I'm getting this error:

<urlopen error [Errno 111] Connection refused>

Toonjet.com is also down it would appear

RE: Toonjet - Frozin - 2015-06-24

I'm getting this error as well. I'm guessing this add-on is dead?

RE: Toonjet - Wally25 - 2015-06-24

Site is gone down again. Should be back soon, Hopefully.
Unfortunately this site goes down a lot.

I will double check the addon when the site comes back to make sure every thing is working as it should.

RE: Toonjet - Frozin - 2015-06-25

Thanks wally for the info

RE: Toonjet - Mr.Mac - 2016-06-05

Is this legal? How?

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