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- grenex - 2006-05-22

i am running a kiosk at a wedding this weekend, and would like to use the xbmc slideshow on a 42" plasma screen.

optimally, my concept would to have a laptop ftped into the xbox, and drop photos onto the xbox as we are shooting the wedding in progress. i tested the theory, and problem is that the default slideshow in xbmc does not detect new content in the folder when you add it while it is currently running. it just indexs at the start and runs the slideshow (random slideshow is what i need)

can someone write me a script so that every "x" number of minutes (or seconds...perhaps a configurable setting) it will scan the directory for new content, and if found (e.g. count files and compair to last count to determine change) it will restart the restart the random slideshow again so that it is seemless and requries no interaction with the x-box

goal is to have the plasma in the corner of the room on a table with xbox hidden away (running wireless lan).

please let me know if you can help! only things are:
1. need it fast (by this weekend)
2. needs to be configurable on time settings for refresh
3. needs to be configurable on local directory/drive for images
4. needs to run random slideshow

thanks!!!! Smile

- Nuka1195 - 2006-05-22

edit: deleted, use diagdave Smile

- [email protected] - 2006-05-22

here ya go:


to enable random slide shows go into pictures and click random.
edit the path and refesh time from within the script. if you need more of a gui let me no.


- Nuka1195 - 2006-05-22

i like how you only update when the directory changes.

- grenex - 2006-05-22

dave: thank you very much! i will try to test this out tonight. :thumbsup:

- [email protected] - 2006-05-22

how did u say nuka?

- grenex - 2006-05-23

dave: the script launches, and shows photos in the directory, but is not picking up new additions Confused

i set the time to "5*2" so that it would run every 10 seconds, but the slideshow just cycles thru the same 2 test photos i dropped in at startup, and never picked up the addition 2
(for a total of 4) photos.

did you test this script? does it work for you?


- Nuka1195 - 2006-05-23

the global time variable and the time module are conflicting. renaming the variable time to time would work.

but there is another issue of it locking up after you exit the slideshow.

i just got rid of the threading. after you exit the slideshow, select the script again to stop it.

Quote:import xbmc
from time import sleep
from os import listdir

minutes = 5
picfolder = "f:\\pictures"

l1 = []
while 1:
 l2 = listdir(picfolder)
 if (l1 != l2):
   xbmc.executebuiltin('xbmc.slideshow(' + picfolder + ')')
   l1 = l2
 for seconds in range(minutes * 60):

- grenex - 2006-05-23

so....is this then based on minutes or seconds?

- grenex - 2006-05-23

nevermind....i figured it out, and tested it. all works just fine.

thank you all for your help! Smile

- grenex - 2006-06-03

just and update/fyi: we used this script at the wedding, and people were floored! having the 42" plasma tv, dumping and processing photos to our laptops, and then dropping htem on the xbox was amazing! people were amazed to see photos of themselves from ~45 minutes earlier showing on the plasma (with some photoshop effects added)

i want to thank you guys yet again for doing this for us!!!!

one last question: is there way during the random slideshow to show the image name on the screen? our next venture is to give people the ability (at the wedding) to use a pc and enter their e-mail address/cell text address and have an image they saw on the display sent to them immediately (watermarked image of course Wink ) having the image name displayed on the slideshow will help them to know what image to have sent....

just a thought.

- Nuka1195 - 2006-06-03

once the slideshow starts.

press the black button on the controller. info on the remote.

RE: Urgent - Slideshow feature needed! - kxb3292 - 2016-05-29


I am having the exact same problem. I am running kodi on raspberry pi. I need the slideshow to be able to update and display newly added pictures periodically. Also needs to be able to handle removing pictures. The link to the script above "wedding.py" does not seem to be valid . Is there any solution for this issue?

Thank you so much!

RE: Urgent - Slideshow feature needed! - viktorsc - 2018-07-17

Hey there,

Years later the issue is still the same Smile
As the link to the script is not valid anymore: Does anybody have the script for me or another solution?


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