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Maximinimalism (Kodi Helix) - thedeadman - 2014-08-25

DISCLAIMER: This skin is for Kodi (Helix) builds only. Please do not post bug reports if you are running a Gotham or earlier build

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Maximinimalism is a skin for Kodi that focuses on three things: simplicity, clarity and speed.

  • Revised and simplified navigation / content structure, optimised for living room-based HTPC / remote setups.
  • Very lightweight, very fast. Ideal for Raspberry Pi / lower power builds and for heavy users with large media libraries.
  • Skin is designed specifically to be fully functional with an 8 button remote.
  • Customisable menu items for music / video sections, providing quick access to external content addons.
  • PVR support for TV and Radio.
  • Artist slideshow addon support for the music visualization is built in (you will need the addon of course – I recommend it).

New from V1.0.5
  • Fully integrated and skinned support for the Rom Collection Browser addon. Retroplayer ready!!
  • Cyrillic font support

Maximinimalism is available for download via the XBMC.org repo. For the latest builds, download from GIT:

RE: Maximinimalism Helix - freaktm - 2014-10-20

Any news on this subject? Is it possible to use the helix-branch for the upcoming beta? Smile

RE: Maximinimalism Helix - thedeadman - 2014-10-20

Hi Freaktm,

I've done most of the work, so it won't be long. There was however a significant problem with Helix that i've had to discuss with the Kodi development team. I can't complete the upgrade to Maximinimalism until that fix is pushed to the nightlies.

The helix-branch will not work. Do not use it!

RE: Maximinimalism Helix - freaktm - 2014-10-20

Allright, that's great to hear Smile I'm a bit of a upgrade-junkie, and likes having all the latest stuff, but I can't upgrade until your excellent skin works Wink

RE: Maximinimalism Helix - Scott00007 - 2014-10-20

Looking forward to the release!!!!

RE: Maximinimalism Helix - freaktm - 2014-11-05

Sooooo....Helix beta is out, and the bug-fix discussed in the Skin-dev section seems to have been merged - when can I (upgrade-aholic Big Grin) upgrade to helix? Tongue

RE: Maximinimalism Helix - thedeadman - 2014-11-05

Ha - sorry i've been away for a little bit. With any luck i'll get a Helix compatible version out by the end of the week (but don't quote me on that!)

RE: Maximinimalism Helix - thedeadman - 2014-11-10

Hi all,

Helix versions of Maximinimalism can be downloaded here: https://github.com/chrisbevan/skin.maximinimalism/archive/helix.zip

All future updates will be for Helix now.

RE: Maximinimalism Helix - freaktm - 2014-11-11

Awesome! Time to get updating Smile

RE: Maximinimalism Helix - takoi - 2014-11-23

Looking great as always!

Noticed one regression though: the top right corner is season view now say "Season x" in English regardless of language. One other minor annoyance is the "Playing"/"Paused" label in full screen video slightly overlap with video title in other languages.

Finally (I just realized this was a skin issue. Or at least it doesn't happen with Confluence): when playback ends, ".." always gets focused instead the element last played. Slightly annoying having to browse through a long list to get to the next episode! Wink

RE: Maximinimalism Helix - thedeadman - 2014-11-23

Thanks Takoi, will get these items fixed up asap. Thanks for reporting!

RE: Maximinimalism V1.1.0 (Kodi Helix) - dadde_s - 2014-11-29

Im having some issues with Kodi and the Movies and TVshows menu, I'm stuck in latest and if I try to change to Movies or TV shows it seems Latest is always what I see. Anyone else experiencing this with Kodi?

Thanks for the best skin!

RE: Maximinimalism V1.1.0 (Kodi Helix) - thedeadman - 2014-11-30

@dadde_s: Sounds like you're still using the Gotham version. You'll need to upgrade to V1.1.0 for Kodi Helix.

RE: Maximinimalism V1.1.0 (Kodi Helix) - Phobos666 - 2014-12-06

I use the latest V1.1.0 but in the overview of videos when you see the latest movies and tv shows the movies or tv shows stay always the same and newly added shows or movies will never be added until I change the skin back to something else

RE: Maximinimalism V1.1.0 (Kodi Helix) - thedeadman - 2014-12-08

@Phobos666: Yeah - I just noticed that myself! I'll get that fixed up for the next update.

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