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Can't really open encrypted channels - Dennisreneholm - 2014-09-12


I'm having some problems with encrypted channels on my setup.

I'm running Windows Server 2008 r2, with (currently) Mediaportal TV-Server version 1.9 prelease.
The clients are variated, but the error is the same. I got Windows, Android, Raspberry Pi (openelec) and ubuntu.
The Tuner is DigitalDevices Cine C2T2 V7 - Twin Tuner Card DVB-C/C2/T/T2 (PCI Express Card)
My provider is Yousee, Denmark.

I choose the encrypted channel, and sometimes i get the notication "The channel is encrypted" but i just have to select it again, this does not happen very often.

However, when i choose the channel, i get no image, only sound. I then have to stop the channel, and immediately after, choose the channel again, this gets the image on most of the time. Sometimes i have to repeat this process a few times.
If i try to plan a recording of a show, i get no image on there either.

Once the channel is running, i have no problems what so ever.

I hope someone can help.

Best regards, Dennis.

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