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Amazon Fire TV Argus TV Samba problem - haf-blade - 2014-09-25

Hi guys,

I'm using xbmc for a long time now together with an ArgusTV server.
For this I'm using a Windows htpc and everything works great.

Now I wanted to try out the ArgusTV plugin together with my new Amazon Fire TV (release was today in germany).
XBMC works but the Argus live tv plugin doesn't.

I've uploaded my logging file to http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=302900

In line 1675 the log says that I've got no permission to login to my samba share on my Windows server and due to this he can not play the file.
Now I've tried out to connect the samba share in the file manager of XBMC. Together with my user and password I'm able to login.
Furthermore I'm able to add the folders to my XBMC video section and in there I'm also able to play the video ts files perfectly.

Does someone know some solution? I've added the same samba share user and password to my ArgusTV plugin but it can not connect.

I've also upgraded to the newest Argus tv version after I saw that it doesn't work but this didn't help at all.

RE: Amazon Fire TV Argus TV Samba problem - haf-blade - 2014-09-27

I found out the problem.
To fix the problem that samba folders aren't found with ArgusTV on Android systems the samba shares have to be added in XBMCs file manager.
The second problem is that ArgusTV seems to write the folders always in upper case and it is case sensitive.
This means that the server name should be written in upper cases AND the share in the file manager should be, too.

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