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RauteMusik - tuxpoldo - 2014-10-12


The RauteMusik Plugin integrates all radio stations of RauteMusik Internetradio into XBMC. RauteMusik.FM was founded in 2003 and has become one of the largest internet radio networks in Europe. More than 300 members are working hard in providing the best music of the last years and the current charts. See http://rautemusik.fm

How to use the addon
You can install the addon by selecting it from the video addons in the official XBMC repository.

GitHub Project Page
GitHub Clone URL


- Fixed broken Link for BugCityBeats
- Added new channel "Top 40"
- Added new channel "90s"
- Added new channel "Klassik"
- Added new channel "Solo Piano"
- Added new channel "Coaching"

- Published version

- Initial internal version

The addon is distributed in the official XBMC addon repository. If you want to get the latest version earlier, you can also install my dedicated repository, since usually it takes a few days before the update is included into the official repository: The YeaSoft Repository

RE: RauteMusik - Matze001 - 2014-12-03

On my machine only "BigCityBeats" does not work, all other channels do... any hint? (Windows 8.1)



RE: RauteMusik - tuxpoldo - 2016-03-06

Just fixed! The URL was wrong. I also added the new channels.

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