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fTV - Hitcher - 2014-10-28


Skin based on the original Fire TV UI



watch gallery



YouTube Channel



Does not support:
Live TV
Foreign languages



Provides the look and feel of the originalĀ Fire TV user interface.
For the complete experience enable 'TV Show wide icons' and either use Artwork Downloader to grab logos or create your own artwork and add it to the database.


Home menu customisation tutorial


fTV artwork guide and image thread



Full Fire TV experience

Use the Kodi 'Videos > Library' functions 'Select first unwatched TV show season/episode' and 'Include All Seasons and Specials' so the first unwatched episode is always focused.

Add this to your keymap.xml to stop videos when pressing the back button -

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


Special thanks



How to install on Fire TV devices



Download links

fTV skin (Leia)

fTV skin (Krypton)

fTV skin (Jarvis)

fTV skin (Isengard)


Required addons


Skin shortcuts

Toolbox script

RE: fTV - hsus - 2014-10-28

Really good concept! Love the simplicity of it, will watch this to see where it goes ?

RE: fTV - Lunatixz - 2014-10-28

Looks incredible! Great work Smile

RE: fTV - eduaveoso - 2014-10-28

great idea, will be great to have this skin, there are very few with that concept

RE: fTV - Damac10 - 2014-10-28

Rubs Hands!! Cant wait to test it!!! Big Grin

RE: fTV - Gizmo_Ger - 2014-10-28

This is exactly what IĀ“ve been waiting for.... Thanks!

RE: fTV - Stranger - 2014-10-29


RE: fTV - Cassiel - 2014-10-29

Looks really great. LiveTV section please Nod

RE: fTV - Stranger - 2014-10-30

I'm a huge fan of zooming animations, and these are pretty spot on for just a couple days work. What do you think of the fire so far?

RE: fTV - Hitcher - 2014-10-30

(2014-10-30, 00:30)Stranger Wrote: I'm a huge fan of zooming animations, and these are pretty spot on for just a couple days work. What do you think of the fire so far?

I love it and, dare I say it, I think it does a lot of things better than XBMC which I'm hoping I'll be able transfer across to this skin. And with help from Unfledged I've already ticked a couple of those boxes. Big Grin

RE: fTV - removed151214 - 2014-10-30

It's spelt with a capital 'U', but I'll let you off as long as you take this absolutely amazing concept to a completed skin Smile

RE: fTV - Hitcher - 2014-10-30

Sorry, I forget who's upper and who's lowercase. Wink

RE: fTV - removed151214 - 2014-10-30

As a British citizen (and I apologise to all those international people who won't get this in any way, shape or form) I'm Upper in every sense of the word Tongue

Edit - it also gives me a reason, as if any were needed, to link to one of the best sketches ever performed.

RE: fTV - Hitcher - 2014-10-30


RE: fTV - Vlaves - 2014-11-03

Wow Big Grin Now that I'm also a fresh Fire TV user I now cant wait for this skin Smile
I would love to use this skin with XBMC Smile

Will this skin support PlexBMC? That would be really great, cause the design of the skin is made for the Plex Library use case Big Grin

Thanks for you great work Big Grin

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